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An antivirus software act as a protective shield against online security threats like viruses, Trojan horses, malware etc. That’s why it is recommended to have an antivirus installed on your computer to keep it safe. You should note antiviruses are the applications/ software that involve coding to block the malware infections. That’s why they are prone to many errors as well.  Although a lot of quality antiviruses are available in the market today none of them is completely immune to the errors or issue. The users of almost every antivirus brand can be found complaining about the issues like “my antivirus software not working” every now and then.

If we talk about the premier reasons why antivirus stops working for a lot of users, it is not possible for us to highlight a single issue. Nevertheless, if you are also facing problems because your antivirus isn’t working then you are at the right place. Here, we will discuss the problems why antivirus stopped working for you and how you can get rid of this hassle.

What are the reasons why my antivirus not working?

It is quite common to see user grumbling my antivirus software not working, stopped working etc. However, not many of us really know the reasons behind such problems. Here is the list of some of the most common reasons that can cause a lot of problems in the antivirus software.

  • Computer system not meeting the system requirement.
  • Expired license key of the antivirus software
  • Software conflict due to another antivirus already installed in your PC.
  • Windows defender not allowing antivirus to make changes to your computer system.
  • Unstable internet connection can also be the reason if you are facing problems in updating the antivirus.
  • If you are using an outdated or expired version of antivirus then you can also face different types of problems.

Apart from these, there are many other issues that can cause a lot of problems in the antivirus. Actually, the exact reason depends upon the problem you are encountering in your antivirus. For example – if you are facing issues like antivirus not installing, antivirus not opening, responding etc. then it is highly probable that the problem is due to your pc not fulfilling the system requirement.

What to fix the problems if your antivirus software not working?

There are a lot of premiere antiviruses available today. Some of them are AVG, Norton, McAfee, Avast, Avira, Quick heal etc. The working mechanism of most of them is quite different from each other. That’s why the steps to fix the issue depends upon the antivirus you are using. However, there are some basic troubleshooting steps which are common for most of the antivirus as given below:

  1. To start the troubleshooting, you should restart your computer system. It is observed that many a time, a simple restart can fix the issues you are facing with your antivirus program.
  2. When you restart the computer system, you should make sure that you run it in the safe mode. The safe mode will resolve the antivirus problems if you are facing them due to an incorrect system configuration of your PC.
  3. If the problem continues in the safe mode as well then you should check the system requirement of the antivirus. In case you are not fulfilling the system requirement of the antivirus then you should use another PC that fulfills the system requirement.
  4. Check if there is an update available for your antivirus software. You can check it through the official website of the antivirus you are using.
  5. Make sure you are not using any other antivirus on your computer system. If you are using then you should uninstall one of them because it is not feasible to run two antiviruses simultaneously in your PC.
  6. Check the time of your computer system. Make sure it is displaying the correct timing.
  7. Uninstall the antivirus software or install it again. You can also opt for a repair installation. When you uninstall the antivirus then you can install another antivirus and run a full system scan. This will trace down any virus infection in your PC.
  8. In case your antivirus not running perfectly even after following the steps mentioned so far then you should contact the antivirus support.

Kindly note that the steps mentioned above are general for all the antiviruses. However, some instructions for specific antiviruses are also available as mentioned below

For Symantec/ Norton antivirus

Norton provides you with the option to launch the LiveUpdate. This will automatically install the missing updates in Norton. You should restart your PC after launching the LiveUpdate so that changes can take place. Additionally, you can download the Norton Power Eraser tool from Norton’s website. This tool will detect the error in Norton antivirus automatically and fix it.  

For Avira Antivirus

In case your Avira Antivirus software not working then you can go for the repair installation of Avira antivirus. For repair installation, you need to download Avira antivirus installation file and run it. Update/ Repair antivirus option will appear as soon as you try to run the installation file.  Once the repair installation gets complete the problems should get fixed.

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