Zeus Virus Detected Pop-up – Removing Instruction for Windows and Mac


Various malicious websites try to steal the important personal information by sending false alert in the form of ‘Zeus Virus Detected on your computer’ pop-up. Irrespective of the web browser being used, these scam messages can pop-up on your screen anytime while surfing on the internet. They might differ in their appearances on different browsers but the harm they can do is the same. These ads or pop-ups infiltrate into the system and collect the sensitive data related to credit cards, debit cards, passwords, etc. So apart from being extremely irritating, these scam alerts are also quite dangerous. This tutorial is designed with the purpose of familiarizing the users with this false virus threatening message and how to get rid of them.

What actually is this Zeus Virus Detected notification?

In simple words, these are nothing more than a scam. A scam to befool people, steal their very personal details and simply rob them out. The hackers design such kind of programs to scare the people, show that they want to help them and then hack into their system. Their main target is the people working on the internet. The message that appears look so genuine that the users fall easily for that and start believing that the threat is real and must do something to protect their computer from this threatening Zeus virus. The different form in which this message may appear include ‘your system has detected unusual activity’, your computer might be at risk’, ‘window defender alert: Zeus Virus Detected in your computer’, ‘windows warning alert’ etc.


How does this Zeus Virus Detected Alert scam works?

As the name suggests, Zeus Virus Detected message is simply an alert message showing that your system has been infected by the Zeus virus. They also provide you with phone number on which you can call to get the virus threat removed. The message that is displayed is so threatening that the naïve people who do not much about cyber threat really think that their system has been infected and is at a great risk. Now, when a scared, innocent user calls on the number provided for support, the hackers on the other side assure that the problem can be resolved just by giving them remote access to their computer. After they remove the virus from your computer that never actually was there, they will ask you to pay for the availed service. While you do so, they steal the information of your card or net banking id, passwords, etc.

How to get rid of the ‘Zeus Virus Detected’ Pop-up?

The message that appears seems like it has been sent from the Windows as it totally genuine. Whatever you do, do not fall for these fake messages or pop-ups and do not call on the phone number that appears along with the message. The users must follow the suitable protective measures for ‘Zeus virus detected’ removal.

Uninstall malicious software from your system

You can manually get rid of the malicious programs that had installed themselves into their system through control panel. Follow the steps as given below:

  1. Click on ‘start’ and select control panel.

Remove Zeus Virus detected using control panel

  1. In the control panel window, click on ‘uninstall a program’.

Windows Control Panel

  1. Search through the list to see if there are any software installed that looks fishy. A software that you do not remember installing can also be a malware.
  2. Right click on the software and then select ‘uninstall’ or you can simply click on the software and select ‘uninstall’ from the top menu.

Uninstall Zeus Virus Detected Pop up

5. Follow the un-installation wizard to remove the software completely from your system.

Change the settings of the affected browser

Another way to remove the ‘Zeus Virus Detected’ scam alert is to change the settings of the browser on which the message is popping up repeatedly. One thing you should keep in mind is that resetting the browser will delete the saved passwords, browsing history, bookmarks, etc from the browser.

Steps to reset Google Chrome

. Open Google Chrome and select the menu icon.

  1. From the menu, select ‘Settings’.

Google Chrome Settings

  1. ‘Settings’ page will appear as a new tab. Scroll to the bottom and click drop down arrow of ‘Advanced’.

Chrome Advanced Settings

  1. Again scroll to the bottom and click on ‘restore settings to their original defaults’ under ‘Reset and clean up’
  2. Now click on ‘Reset settings’.

Reset Google Chrome

Steps to reset Mozilla Firefox

The steps to reset the setting to solve the Zeus virus detected Firefox are given below:

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox’ and select the menu button.
  2. Now, select the ‘?’ symbol at the bottom of the menu.
  3. Select ‘Troubleshooting Information’.

Get rid of Zeus Virus Detected Pop up in Firefox

  1. Troubleshooting information page will appear. Select the ‘Refresh Firefox’ button on the top right of the screen.

Reset FireFox

Steps to reset Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer and select ‘Tools’.
  2. From the tools drop-down arrow, select ‘Internet Options.

IE settings

  1. Internet Options window will appear on the screen.
  2. Go to ‘Advanced’ and click on ‘Reset’.

Reset Internet Explorer

  1. ‘Reset Internet Explorer Settings’ window will appear. Select ‘Delete personal settings’ and again click ‘Reset’.

Steps to reset Safari

For ‘Zeus virus detected’ in Mac pop-up removal, the steps to reset the Safari browser are given below:

  1. Go to safari menu and select ‘Preferences’.

Safari Browser menu

  1. On the ‘Preferences’ window, select ‘Privacy’ tab and click on the ‘Remove All Website Data’.
  2. Click on ‘Remove Now’ to reset the settings.

Remove Zeus Virus detected pop-up from safari

Use antimalware to protect your system from ‘Zeus virus detected alert’ scam

You can find different antimalware software online that can help you in getting rid of the harmful malware that creates the pop-up message while using the Internet. All you have to do is download and install a trustworthy antimalware and run a scan on your system to fix the issues.

How to prevent such kind of pop-ups from appearing in the future?

To prevent the scam message ‘Zeus virus detected’ in Windows 10, you can do certain things in advance. Some of the preventive measures are given below:

  1. Remove unwanted extensions from Google Chrome and turn on safe browsing

Any Chrome extension that you do not remember adding, remove it as soon as possible. To do so, click on the menu button and select More Tools > Extensions. Extensions window will appear. Remove all the unwanted extensions one by one.

  1. Block pop-up windows and dangerous downloads in Mozilla Firefox

In the Mozilla Firefox, select the menu and click on ‘Options‘. A new options window will appear on the screen. Go to ‘Privacy & Security’, scroll down to ‘Permissions’ and select ‘Block pop-up windows’. Scroll down again and under the security tab, select ‘block dangerous downloads’.

  1. Turn on pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer and select Tools > Internet Options. In the Internet Options window, go to ‘Privacy and put a check on ‘Turn on Pop-up Blocker’. Select Ok to implement the change.

  1. Whenever such pop-ups arise, the best thing to do is close the browser at once.
  2. Do not open or download any file while the pop-up message is being displayed on the screen.
  3. In case you have called on their so-called helpline number, immediately inform your bank that you have been scammed.


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