Windows defender firewall not working in the Window 10 Operating System


Windows defender firewall protection is a security tool which protects the system from viruses, malware, and some other harmful websites. It provides extra security to the computer along with internet security tools or antivirus. You can easily enable or disable windows defender firewall protection in your system by applying some simple instructions.

How to enable windows defender firewall protection


If your windows defender firewall protection is not working in the system, it may be disabled by someone or infected by viruses. You can enable it by following simple path.

Start or Windows button -> Control Panel -> System & Security -> Windows Firewall -> Turn windows firewall on or off -> Click on Windows Firewall turn on.

After the following path, you will be eligible to turn on windows firewall protection. Now it will protect your system properly. If your problem doesn’t solve yet, you can scan your system to detect some harmful viruses and spyware.

How to scan my system without help of Antivirus

Users can also use the command prompt to scan the system. It is an easy method by which you can detect all viruses and malware on your system. They may block your windows defender firewall protection.

  • Open windows search bar.
  • Type CMD, it will show command prompt.
  • Open command prompt <Run as Administrator > (Admin).
  • Types command <sfc /scannow> and hit <Enter> button.
  • It will take some time to scan system and show all corrupted files and viruses.

I hope! This information is really helpful for the persons who are facing this problem. They can fix it and can also help of experts on visiting windows Defender Antivirus customer service. They will provide more beneficial information.




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