What can I do if there is internet issue after installing the zone alarm?


What can I do if there is internet issue after installing the zone alarm?: Folks if you are serious about your system and want to protect the whole system against of threats and viruses than zone alarm are the best option for you. This is an internet security company that offers antivirus and firewall products for the user so that they can prevent their computer from these issues. The zone alarm offers 100% free antivirus protection with its extreme security products. It comes along with some of the features:

What can I do if there is internet issue after installing the zone alarm?

  • Advanced real-time antivirus
  • Threat emulation
  • Advanced firewall
  • Antispam filter

Sometimes users have to face the problem regarding zone alarm, they found that after installing the zone alarm their internet is not working. If the exact problem is experience by you, then find the reliable solution here.


How to solve the internet issue after installing the zone alarm

1.You can check your network connection on your computer. There are two types of internet connection:

  • Wired: which is connected directly to the router through LAN
  • Wireless: this is connected through WLAN

If you found that any types of issue in your network connection then try to diagnose it.

2.You can also check your proxy setting might be possible due to proxy setting this happens. If you are window user then just click on connection tab then hit the LAN setting button. Here you have to checked automatically detect setting. Finally, uncheck use a proxy server for your LAN which verifies that you have internet access.

3.The user can also check their firewall setting because the job of the firewall is to protect your computer from unauthorized access and if there is any kind of issue in firewall then your internet connection may not be working.

4.Just right click on zone alarm icon and select shut down. Are you connecting with zone alarm off? If no, then it means the zone alarm settings are not the cause so immediately check your router and cable connection. But if yes, then the problem is related to zone alarm setting. Now contact to internet source support and ask them to solve this problem.

More Info- http://www.antivirushelpnumber.com/zonealarm-antivirus.html


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