How to use PC matic Antivirus to Stop Website Ad and Pop- Ups?


Current we are lived in this World where we are dependent on the internet in many ways, so a lot of companies and user try to reach the many people by using digital advertisement, so if you are using the internet then you have knowledge about the Pop-ups and Website ad. Sometimes these digital ads appear to Advertisement or sometimes they steal your information from your computer unknowingly.

There is a lot of users have connected to the internet so many companies advertise through the internet, So That they Crete some ad and Pop-ups to get the customer and sell their product and services. Sometimes these pop-ups are not relevant to the Customer use so they want to stop appear on their computer.


Tips to Block Pop-up Ads

  • You can enable Pop-up Blocker in their computer
  • There is a lot of extensions are available for the different browser, By which you can stop these Pop-up
  1. Mozilla
  • Click Tools – Options – Content.
  • Check ‘Block Pop-up windows’.
  1. Chrome
  • Click Settings – Advanced Settings – Content Settings.
  • Under Pop-ups, select ‘Do not allow any site to show pop-ups (recommended)’.
  1. Internet Explorer
  • Click Tools – Options – Privacy.
  • Check the ‘Block pop-ups’ option.
  1. Safari
  • Click Safari – Preferences – Security.
  • Select the ‘Block pop-up windows ‘option.

To add an extra layer of security you can use this extension in your browser, Follow Some Other tips to secure your computer from the Website ad or Pop-Ups.

  • Just click on the Window Icon on your desktop and click on the “Control Panel”
  • After that, uninstall some adware program, if they are already installed in your computer

Here is a list:

  • LyricsSay-1
  • LyricXeeker
  • HD-Plus
  • Browse2Save
  • WebCake 3.00
  • DownloadTerms 1.0
  • LyricsBuddy-1
  • com
  • ElectroLyrics-1
  • a2zLyrics-1
  • SimpleLyrics

Other Wise you can reset your browser to get rid of advertisement and Pop-UPS or You can block these Pop-ups through the PC Matic Antivirus, for any guidance and support you can Contact to the PC Matic Customer Support Number. It can block malicious programs adware which happen to be the biggest source of pop-up advertisements. The Software also blocks spyware- an adware which can steal your personal information and data.


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