Unable to Update Microsoft Security Essential Antivirus Program


Microsoft Security Essentials is also necessary for the system along with antivirus software. It also protects the system from viruses and spyware. Whenever you update Microsoft windows, it will update automatically. But sometimes it doesn’t update with Microsoft Windows and also shows an error message that program updating failed. So, what are the reasons for not updating? We will tell about some reasons and their solutions.

Reasons and their solutions related to updating issues


There are some reasons related to Microsoft Security Essential updating along with their respective solutions.

  1. Reset your web browser settings

First, you should reset your web browser settings because if there is any problem in the browser, it will not allow updating any programs. For resetting you can follow the method.

For Google Chrome Users

  • Click on Gear icon of Google Chrome.
  • Visit Settings
  • Go down in the settings field after clicking Advanced down arrow.
  • At last settings, web page, click on the Reset tab for resetting all browser settings.
  • Confirm by clicking Reset
  • It will reset all settings of web browser and work as a default.
  1. Check Date and Time of system

It is necessary to check all date and time correctly matched with the current date. If it is not matched, the system will not allow updating anything. So, you should reset it if it is not set.

  1. Reset your system’s Microsoft Updating engine
  • Click on the <Start> button and type <CMD> in the start search bar.
  • Select the command prompt and <Run as administrator>.
  • Now type some command on command prompt.
  • Type <cd\> and hit Enter
  • Type <cd program files\microsoft security essentials> and hit <Enter>
  • <Mpcmdrun –removedefinitions -all> and hit <Enter>
  • Type <Exit> and hit again <Enter>
  • <Restart> your system.

Customer Support Service

After restarting your system, you can update all programs without any problem. You can also go on Microsoft Security Essential customer support for more valuable information.



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