Unable to update the Virus Database of the Panda Antivirus?


Unable to update the Virus Database of the Panda Antivirus?: If there is any kind of malware issue in your system then you have to face some hardware and software related problem. To overcome this problem you have to install one of the best antivirus protection i.e. panda antivirus.

This antivirus provides you real time protection from malware and apart from that it automatically scans your all system and removes the malware that is hiding deep within the system. If you are using panda antivirus then you do not have to worry about from hackers, lost data, and identity theft. This antivirus is easy to use even if there is any user who has little or no experiences are able to make use of the product to its full capabilities. But yes in some of the rare case user also face some technical glitches regarding panda antivirus, here we are basically discussing “not able to update the virus database in panda antivirus”.


How to update the virus database of panda antivirus?

1.Sometimes due to the proxy issue, you have to face this problem. Once the panda antitrust installed in your system, I recommend you to disable the proxy on the system. If you are using the internet explorer then:

  • First just click on tool button and choose the internet option. After that select LAN setting under the connection tab.
  • Here you have to uncheck the box for “Use a proxy server for your LAN”
  • Then click OK and here your proxy setting should be disabled.

2.You can also do one thing, stop network related services that are running in the background of the system. Make sure this can be done by the help of task manager of the system.

3.Before installing the panda antivirus on the system you have to create a restore point. This restoring point helps you when some problem has been occurring after installing it.

4.It also happens with due to internet problem. So, immediately contact to internet service and ask them to solve this problem.

If again find any difficulty then immediately contact to Panda Antivirus Customer Support experts for a proper solution.


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