Solutions to fix Unable to run CCleaner in Windows 10 with Step by Step


How to fix “Unable to run CCleaner in Windows 10” problem: CCleaner is a convenient software app that cleans the unwanted files, broken shortcuts, registries, and basically all that is junk in your system. It is used by more than millions of people to resolve the problem pertaining to the slow speed of computer. CCleaner is the best tool to boost up the performance of your PC. However, there are times when many of you find it difficult to run in windows 10.  A lot of time people are found to be complaining about CCleaner that they are unable to run CCleaner in windows 10. To ease the problem, you need to go through the complete post. The problem with CCleaner in windows 10 can easily be fixed. Find out how to fix “unable to run CCleaner in windows 10” in this post.

Why CCleaner stops working in windows 10?

There are many reasons why the CCleaner app stops responding in Windows 10. Most of the time people face issues in installing CCleaner in windows 10. Here are some major causes leading to the stoppage of CCleaner in Windows 10-

  • Incompatible Windows version
  • Corrupted setup file
  • Improper installation
  • Expired license key
  • 3rd party software app conflicting with the CCleaner and preventing it from running in Windows 10.
  • Antivirus installed in your computer considering it a malicious file.

The above-stated reasons are some of the handful among many but the good news is that these issues can be fixed by making little changes in the settings and configuration. Let’s find out how we can fix the issue where CCleaner is not working in Windows 10.

Solution of “CCleaner unable to install/run in windows 10”

Here how you can fix the problem of CCleaner not working in Windows 10-

  • Turn-off some features in antivirus: Most of the time, the antivirus installed in your computer can prevent the CCleaner from working normally. You need to disable the settings in the antivirus that is considering the CCleaner a malicious file. You may also remove your antivirus and then install CCleaner. Once you’ve properly configured the CCleaner in your PC, then you can once again install the antivirus in your computer.
  • Renaming the installation file: No matter how weird it might sound to you, but renaming the installation file of CCleaner always works like a charm. If you cannot install CCleaner in your PC then, renaming the setup file will work it out for you and you can easily install the app.
  • Check if CCleaner is running in the background: Sometimes CCleaner already works in the background but you cannot see it running. So make sure that you’ve ended the CCleaner process from the task manager. Once the app is stopped, then you need to uninstall it and re-install it again. This time however the problem will be fixed.
  • Run as administrator: If you cannot download and run the installation file of CCleaner in your PC then you should try to run it as an administrator. To run the file as an admin, you need to right click on the setup and the click the “run as administrator” option. Now install the file and run CCleaner as you wish.
  • Download the compatible file version: A lot of time people download the file without checking the system requirements to run the CCleaner. This leads to the problem with the installation of the app in PC. So to fix it, you need to check the requirements before downloading the setup file i.e. whether the version you’re trying to download is compatible to Windows 10 or not.


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