Trend Micro antivirus hanging up problem & solution


Trend micro antivirus is a security program which protects the system from the harmful viruses and malware. It saves your password and valuable information like bank account details to avoid possible hacking instances. So, it is necessary to use the good antivirus in your system.

Trend Micro antivirus hanging up problem & solution

Sometimes trend Micro antivirus creates some problems like- Trend Micro System Tray icon stuck at “Now Scanning” while we want to scan the Computer, antivirus hanging up. There are many reasons for hanging up the antivirus, but we are focusing on some point which happens most of the time.


Reasons for Trend Micro antivirus hanging up problem & solution-

  1. Many applications & programs running simultaneously-

When more programs run simultaneously, they consume resources of the system. If the antivirus facing resource allocation problem, it will be stuck for some time.

2. System resources consumed by other programs-

If most of the resources occupied by the other software and program, it can’t get suitable resources.

Your system containing some virus-

If your system affected with viruses, they will destroy the files of the program, they can also replicate files many times. So, memory of the system will show full.

Solution of the problem-

  1. Select the <Trend Micro antivirus icon> present in the system tray.
  2. Right click on the icon and select <Exit> tab.
  3. Click Hotfix from the official website of the Trend Micro Security.
  4. Double click on the <.exe> file which you downloaded from the website.
  5. Accept license agreement.
  6. Install the program file completely.
  7. Click on the <OK> button.
  8. Restart the computer.

For more help-

If your problem has not been fixed yet, you can consult with the Trend Micro customer care supporter. You can inform them about your problem of antivirus hanging. They will give you right suggestion to fix the problem. After that, you can fix the entire problem.

If you want, you can contact the Trend Micro customer care support by mail, voice call on the official website. You can take contact information from the official website of Trend Micro antivirus.


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