Steps to fix Norton Error 3035,6 Error in Norton Antivirus


Norton antivirus is the one of the best security software provider, Norton Developed security software for every operating system like Window 7,8,10, XP, Vista, iOS, Android. There is various type of security threat who can harm your computer in many ways, so Norton antivirus protects your computer from all of them but there are some of the technical glitches in the Norton Antivirus, One of them is Norton Error 3035,6 , It generally Occurs at the time of the installation and uninstalling of Norton Antivirus.  It is very risky to ignore this issue because it can crash your operating system and your personal data can be lost.

Otherwise, you will face some technical glitches due to the occurrence of this error on their operating system So That here we are going to discuss the complete solution to resolve this issue and fix your other problem due to this error. We will suggest to you some of the easy steps who will make you it easy to resolve this issue without any technical knowledge.


Main Causes of Norton 3035, 6

There are several reasons by which this type of error arises in the Norton Antivirus, so here we will list that entire factor that is responsible for this error in the Norton Antivirus which is mentioned below.

Incomplete Installation:  Sometimes you didn’t install complete setup of the Norton Antivirus So that this issue can arise in the Norton Antivirus

Corrupt Window Registry: It can be cause for the error 3035, 6 in your Norton antivirus, IF you have corrupted window system files, so that your computer can show this type of error.

The computer is infected with Virus and Malware: If your computer is infected with the virus then it can create conflict in your computer like your computer will work slowly and it can show an error at the time of running Norton Antivirus.

Deletion of File: Deleting the file from the c drive can be also a cause of Norton Error code 3035, 6. So you have to check before deleting any file.

Corrupt Download: if you download a corrupt file of the Norton Antivirus then it will show an error in your computer.

Symptoms of Norton Error 3035, 6

There are a plenty of issues and outcomes of this error which customer can face when this error occurs on the PC.

  • Freezing of your computer screen for a short time.
  • Can lead to the crash of your active windows program
  • It can pave a way to the crash of your operating system
  • Continuous incoming of Norton Error 3035, 6 on your PC
  • Result in the poor and sluggish functioning of your PC
  • You become unable to access the computer

Users can take the benefits of professional help by connecting with the Norton Antivirus Customer Service. It will help you in resolving this issue without any hassle.

Steps to Fix Norton Error 3035, 6

  • Repair the Windows registry entries linked with Norton Error 3035, 6.
  • Perform a complete malware scan
  • Clean your system junk with Disk Clean up
  • Update your PC device drivers
  • Then ‘Undo’ recent system changes
  • Uninstall and re-install McAfee antivirus software
  • Run windows system file checker
  • Install all available updates and perform a clean installation


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