Steps to Stop Unwanted Internet Tabs and Browser Pop-Ups


Unwanted pop-ups can create trouble and hamper your productivity by opening several windows and dialog boxes every time when you want to visit a web page. Pop-ups are generated automatically which is apparently in the New browser window or your default browser. So you have to know the cause of pop-ups, they can be a sign of the virus infection.

How to Stop Unwanted Internet Tabs and Browser Pop-Ups?

When you want to block pop-ups in your browser then you can use the inbuilt extension in your browser, all the browser like Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer comes with a built-in blocker that can be activated through the Browser setting, And the user can use third-party browser plug-in like Ad block plus and some other.


Browser Pop-Up Blocker

When you activate Pop-ups blocker in your browser then it only shows those tabs that the user has requested rather than auto-generated pages. But it can’t provide the complete solution for pop-up because some website will not open when you have ad-blocker in your browser.

Software and Antivirus for Ad-blocking

Some of the software and antivirus perform the similar task to your browser’s Pop-ups but it runs separately rather than a part of the browser. It works as an extra layer of the security for your computer to defense against the Pop-ups. They can also block the ads on a Web page itself as well as ads that appear in a separate tab.

Scan your device to protect from malware

The other Thing you can do malware scan on your computer if you get Pop-up when you visit any sites, Adware is a form of virus that is responsible for generating pop-ups in your computer, So that you can scan your computer with repudiated antimalware software like Malwarebytes, Quick heal, and Norton, In case if you face any kind difficulty to use these antiviruses, So that you can contact to the Malwarebytes Antimalware Customer Service Number, Where our technician will guide you for the best possible solution.

Review your Computer Security

If you identified any source by which your computer is showing advertise or pop-ups on your computer, and you can use your internet activity safely, here is some list

  • Do not click on any suspicious link
  • Do not install any software without verification
  • Never open any spam mail which has suspicious content or link
  • Always enable the firewall on your computer before accessing the internet


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