Steps to removing McAfee Antivirus Using the Command Prompt


There are many ways by which we are dependent on the internet tools that help us in online work and make easy our life at a par stage every time. We use this software and applications to make our work fast and simple manner without meditative about anything related to these. In this world, we are dependent on the internet in many ways so we can say we are surrounded by the internet. But there is some of the negative impact of the internet in our Daily life like there are many cybercriminals who work to steal your data from your device through the internet. And to prevent our systems from any such type of cyber threat we install best of antivirus and other security software’s. You have to protect your computer with best security software.

If you installed Macfee antivirus in their computer then it provides complete security solution to the user Here, by installing it, you will get a whole set of complete security with all the advanced feature that is needed to make your computer or any other internet device full secure from the virus or other security threat. You can also take the help of McAfee support to take instant advice for some of the interesting features of this application. It is not only security software but also a waste removal tool with the tune-up arrangement and network protection tool also.


If you are facing any error or technical issue with this  software and want to remove it from your computer but are unable to do so through the programs and features window then you can follow the below-mentioned steps in order to remove it through command prompt:

  • First, start your computer, press the keyboard combination Windows + R and click OK to proceed.
  • Now you have to provide permission to the setup of the Macfee Antivirus to the installation in the computer
  • Now you will enter the subscription key to get the premium future of the McAfee antivirus this key you will receive with software setup or on your register email id.
  • Press the uninstall command and then select the modify button to proceed to next screen.
  • Highlight the value data by selecting it and copy it to the run dialogue box.
  • Click OK and the product will now uninstall by itself.

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