Steps to Fix McAfee Error 1336 in Windows


McAfee is one of the best security software which protects computer device from the virus and malware attack, it is available for all type of operating systems like Windows, iOS, and Android. But some of the users who are using McAfee antivirus in their computer faces some of the error at the time of installation or sometimes these errors arise at the time of computer scan.

McAfee Error 1336 is one common error which arises in front of the McAfee user, the installation gets failed So when you face this issue you have to close McAfee antivirus software, Here we are going to discuss the complete process to resolve these kinds of issue.


Causes of McAfee Error Code 1336

There is some of the reason which is the root cause of the technical issue in the McAfee antivirus which you can see below.

Corrupt Download: When you are going to download McAfee Antivirus from the third party website, sometimes it corrupt so that it can show you error 1336

Incomplete Installation: If you interrupt the installation process then it can be happen error 1336, so you have to complete the installation process.

Corrupt Windows Registry: If your window registry is corrupted then it makes easy to arise error code in your antivirus.

The increase of the Viruses and Malware:  When the Virus and Malware attack your computer then its Shows the McAfee Error 1336, so you have to clean your computer form virus and malware.

Symptoms of McAfee Error 1336

If you getting a mcafee error 1336 then it can be harmful for your operating system, it can be crash your computer window. So, you should clean your computer with an antivirus scan.

If your computer clears showing this error: 

  • That means your computer is going to slow down
  • The computer can freeze for the short period of time

Steps to Fix McAfee Error 1336

You can get many problems with your computer due to this error. Follow these given steps to troubleshoot the steps:

  •  You have to repair registry related to the McAfee Code 1336
  • You have to perform complete computer Scan on your PC
  • Clean up all junk with disk clean Up
  • You have to update the device driver
  • Make your computer in the default setting
  • You have to reinstall Mcafee Antivirus program
  • Try to run window system file checker

So these are some of the tips to troubleshoot Mcafee error, In case if you face any kind issue Then you call at Mcafee Antivirus Customer Service Number, Where our technical support team will guide you for the best possible solution.


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