Step to Scan a Computer which is infected with Malware and Other Virus


How to Scan a Computer which is infected with Malware?

This time it is very necessary to keep your computer clean from the computer because we use our computer for the personal use or business purpose when the virus infects computer then it can steal your personal information and document from your computer. So there is the lot of solution to protect computer one of them is Trend Micro Anti-Threat toolkit.

Trend Micro Anti- Threat Tool Kit

It is a free malware removal toolkit which prevents an attack of virus and malware on the computer from getting infected. It analyzes malware issue provide a safe computer scan to find the virus and malware. However, this software helps to clean rootkits and much other software. It saves your computer from damage or unauthorized access.


It helps to remove such type of Virus

  • Cryptolocker infections
  • Rootkit infections
  • CIDOX/ RODNIX infection
  • Master boot record Infection

Steps to Use Trend Micro Toolkit

It Is very simple to use Trend Micro Tool Kit Just Follow the Steps

First of all, you have to download this software from the official website of Trend Micro, then run the setup and install it, after that visit the interface of trend micro toolkit. Then follow the steps which are listed below:

  • Click one of the scan types like Full Scan, the quick scan
  • It Will take a long time if you are scanning the whole computer, files will be shown below at the time of scanning
  • Scanning results will show you the suspicious file, Threat Name, Risk level, and options to either fix or ignore those files.
  • Select the file you think has malware stuff and click on Fix Selected. It will then clean all infections in the item to make your computers malware and spam free. You can also restore the fixed files.

So these are some steps to find the virus or malware on your computer if you want more help then go to the Trend Micro Customer support Help Where our technician will guide you for the best solution.


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