Sniper Antivirus Customer Support Phone Number


Sniper is software program which protect system from viruses, malwares, rootkies, adware, Trojan, along with attackers and intruders. Moreover, it also provide advance firewall protection which provides double layers security protection and stops browsing and downloading unwanted websites and software in system. It also provides real time protection for monitoring system activities and also provides parental control on their PC.

Some beneficial features of Sniper Antivirus


Sniper is a good antivirus for the system which connects most of the time with internet. Users must read these features before downloading Sniper antivirus in their system.

  1. Real time protection

Sniper antivirus continuously monitors system and tracks all unwanted activities such as creating, copying, cutting, and pasting any files or programs in the system. It detects and stops attackers to perform these activities.

  1. Parental Control

It also provides parental control on system. Users can block some websites and downloading of files on their system. Parents must keep an eye on their parents because they can access adult and harmful websites. So, parent user can restrict some sites on their system.

  1. Safe Banking

Now days, some of the people are using PC to transfer money using net banking. So, they must use an antivirus in their system to protect banking data from attackers and intruders. Otherwise, they can hack your data and can misuse it.

  1. PC Cleaner

Sniper antivirus protects system from viruses and also cleans all garbage files. It scans system and detects all garbage files and restores storage space by removing them. So, the performance of system increases.  

Here, we provided some general features of Sniper antivirus. For more beneficial features users can contact with Sniper Customer Support Service via phone number. The team supporters will provide all necessary information related to Sniper antivirus.

Technical Support of Sniper Antivirus available 24×7

Sniper antivirus also faces technical problems such as Sniper antivirus not installing, how to activate Sniper antivirus, Sniper slows down system performance etc. So, users can contact with Sniper Antivirus Customer Support team to resolve their antivirus problems. Here, highly experienced technicians


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