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Pc Matic antivirus is one stop solution for your computer security it comes with the latest feature of the technology which provides you best security for your computer. It protects your device from the cyber threat and another virus. It comes with different feature protection toll which is providing protection from the various type of the threat. But sometimes PC Matic users face technical issues & they want to fix this issues immediately.

How to Renewal PC Matic Premium Subscription?

We provide you best technician who will deal with your technical issue which is arising in the PC Matic Antivirus:


There is a lot of issue in the PC Matic Antivirus which is faced by the user-

  • How to enable firewall protection in the PC Matic Antivirus
  • Update issue
  • Installation error
  • PC Matic Activation error
  • Unable to remove malicious file and threat

So for more security option, you have to use premium software of the PC Matic Antivirus in your Computer but when you want to renew or upgrade your PC Matic Antivirus you faced some issue in it. So That here is the solution for you, Contact the PC Matic Support Helpline or follow the steps to renew PC Matic Antivirus.

Steps to Renew PC Matic Antivirus

1: You have to purchase subscription code to upgrade your antivirus.

  • First of all, you have to click on the application to open it
  • After that, a User interface will open on your window
  • Fill up the Activation code in it
  • Then go for the proper link open the license renewal
  • Now a new window will be open and then from the “New activation code” menu hit the “Purchase activation code” button.

2: Now, the users have to activate the code if the licensed has been expired.

3: Users may also activate the code if not expired.

4: Customers can also activate code if it is entered incorrectly.

These are some steps by which you can easily renew your antivirus which provide you more security feature than the basic plan of PC Matic antivirus, in Case if you have any kind of difficulty just dial toll-free number for PC Matic antivirus support helpline number to get instant online support.