How to remove Trojan.Kotver from the PC? Norton Antivirus Help Center


How to remove Trojan.Kotver from the PC?

In this post, we are providing the best information on removing the “Trojan.Kotver” threat from the user computer, before we begin to start the process to remove the “Trojan.Kotver”needs to log in to the Norton Product Administrator account. All the other users must be logged out until start to finish the process. This order help for the tool to work correctly and complete all task in the systematically.

Open the PCs and Selecting “Run as administrator” will result in an incomplete repair, to fix the problem just follow and wait to complete the process.


Download a Norton Virus Removal Tool from the Norton Product official website that must be compatible with your PCs.

Rename the file to a random name before start to removing virus and threat or start to fix tool. In case you do not rename the fix tool, the virus file is Trojan.Kotver maybe stop or end to the process and the tool will not work.

Download and run the Norton Antivirus Removal Tool

Download a system compatible version of the virus removal tool that is depending on your version of Windows

Download FixToolKotver64.exe for Windows 64-bit

Download FixToolKotver32.exe for Windows 32-bit

Click on the download button and save the file to the download folder that is set by default otherwise you can change and set the location to save the download in the PC. To easily reach the download file then saves on the desktop. Mostly browsers the download file is automatically saved to its default location that is download folder under user panel.

  • To open the Download file by the double-click
  • Close all running programs on the PC
  • First, change the Name or rename the tool to RANDOM NAME.exe
  • Double-click on the renamed RANDOM NAME.exe file.
  • Click on I Accept to give the permission to install
  • Now, you need to Click on Start
  • Click on Finish button to close an open window

The Norton Virus Removal tool will run and 100% remove the all threat and virus from the user computer. If the Norton Virus Removal tool is not able to remove the virus and threat, you can remove it manually or contact to Norton antivirus customer service phone number to get the solution of the problem to relate the Norton antivirus.


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