Remove MacOsDefender from Safari, Chrome and Opera in easy steps


MacOsDefender is a potentially unwanted program that installs itself in your PC automatically and then starts showing advertisements while browsing internet. This malware affects every web browser installed in your system and the troubles they create are more or less the same. Also, it degrades the performance of the system and therefore is recommended to be removed as soon as it is found. Other major harms that these malware can do include changing browser settings and steal of personal data of the user. This article will provide you complete familiarity with the MacOsDefender malware and will also provide the steps for removal of MacOsDefender from Mac.

How does MacOsDefender gets installed in computer?

At certain point, it is only the users who install the MacOsDefender in their computer. Whenever you browse through any infected or scamming web page, the MacOsDefender invites itself in your computer. The other way through which it is installed in the system is software bundling. This means whenever you download any software from any unknown website, MacOsDefender also gets installed along side that. Other than these, whenever the user accidently clicks on any offer advertisement showing on the browser, MacOsDefender gets installed automatically.


Is MacOsDefender really dangerous?

Just like every malware, MacOsDefender is also designed to infiltrate into the user’s system and then steal important messages that can be beneficial for the hackers. Well, this is the worst case scenario that can happen due to MacOsDefender. Other troubles include flooding pop-ups, advertisements, redirected web pages, change in browser settings, etc. So, if we simply talk about these issues they can be irritating or annoying. But, when these adware starts to browse through your history and starts stealing sensitive information from it, yes it can be really very dangerous.

How will you know you have MacOsDefender installed in your system?

Well it’s not very hard to say when your system is infected with the MacOsDefender malware. There are some very clear signs and symptoms of the MacOsDefender given as:

  • The default homepage of your browser changes to MacOsDefender New Tab
  • The search provider of your browser changes to MacOsDefender Search
  • You can see the MacOsDefender extension or add-on in your browser
  • Lots of advertisements and pop-ups starts flooding your web browser
  • Your browser starts you redirecting to random web pages all by itself

As soon as you discover any of these symptoms in your Mac computer or even any single one of them, immediately take the measures to remove MacOsDefender and clean your PC.

Easy steps for removing MacOsDefender from Mac

Remove MacOsDefender from computer before it starts outsourcing your confidential data to the hackers. Although, it is not necessary that it will do so, but there is no need to take risks. So, if you are wondering how to get rid of MacOsDefender, go through the steps as discussed below.

Uninstall MacOsDefender application from Mac OS

To uninstall the MacOsDefender from your computer, follow the simple steps given below:

  1. On the Dock, search and click on ‘Finder.

Mac OS menu

  1. Now in the finder, click on ‘applications’ in the left menu.
  2. All the applications installed in your Mac will appear.
  3. Search ‘MacOsDefender’ in the applications, right click on it and select ‘move to trash’.

Remove MacOsDefender from MacOS

  1. Now, delete this application from the trash.

Remove MacOsDefender extension from web browser

Delete MacOsDefender from Safari

Remove the MacOsDefender extensions from Safari just in these easy steps:

  1. Launch the Safari browser.
  2. Go to safari > preferences.

Delete MacOSDefender from Safari

  1. In the preferences tab, click on ‘extensions’.
  2. Find the MacOsDefender extension and remove it.

Remove extension from Safari

Eliminate MacOsDefender from Chrome

To delete the MacOsDefender extension from Chrome, do the following:

  1. Open Google Chrome browser and select the menu.
  2. Go to more tools > extensions.

Get rid of MacOsDefender from Google Chrome

  1. From the list of extensions, search and delete MacOsDefender.

Remove MacOsDefender from Opera

You can remove MacOsDefender from your Opera browser by following these steps:

  1. Open Opera browser and go to the menu.
  2. In the menu, select ‘extensions’.
  3. Select MacOsDefender and click the cross (remove from Opera) button.

Delete MacOsDefender from Explorer

Follow the steps given below to delete MacOsDefender from Internet Explorer:

  1. Launch the Internet Explorer browser.
  2. Go to tools > manage add-ons.

Internet Explorer Manage Add-ons

  1. Select MacOsDefender from the list of extensions.
  2. Click on ‘disable’.

Disable IE extensions

Remove MacOsDefender from Firefox

You need to follow the below-mentioned steps to eliminate MacOsDefender extension from Firefox browser:

  1. Open the Mozilla Firefox web browser.
  2. Go to menu and select ‘add-ons’.

Firefox Menu

  1. On the new tab that appears, select ‘extensions’.

4. Search for MacOsDefender and click on ‘remove’.

Perform system scan for complete virus removal

To completely eliminate the virus from the system, you might want to run a system scan using an antivirus program. The scan will detect and delete any infected MacOsDefender file that might be left in your system. Although, the scanning is not mandatory, but for better results it is advised to run the scan. However, make sure that the antivirus or antimalware you use is genuine and downloaded from manufacturer’s website.

How to prevent MacOsDefender from entering further in your system?

You can take certain precautions to prevent MacOsDefender or other such malware programs from infiltrating your system. Certain tips to keep your system safe from potential threats are given below:

  • Do not install any software from a website other that the genuine manufacturer’s website.
  • Never browse on any infected webpage or any website that seems phishy.
  • Do not respond to any advertisement or mail that allures you to interesting offers.
  • The browser settings must always be set to safe browsing and pop-up blocking.
  • A good antivirus program can keep MacOsDefender far away from your system.
  • Whenever you are redirected to any random page, immediately close the browser or that page at least. Do not browse through it.
  • Never share your confidential details, card number, passwords, banking details, etc on any random website.


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