Quickheal Antivirus is unable to Scan PC or Computer


Quickheal Antivirus is unable to Scan PC or Computer: Quickheal antivirus is good for the PCs or laptops to scan viruses or malware because they can corrupt the system files and software. It will also alert user by showing the message on the screen if any virus is affecting the system. Sometimes it is unable to perform scan the computer because of some different reasons. So, we are providing some reasons and their solution in the article.

Reasons of Quickheal not scanning computer

  • If your Quickheal antivirus software is not updated to the latest version, it will not perform scanning process correctly.
  • The system is not performing well due to the virus effect.
  • Quickheal antivirus software files may be lost or corrupted.
  • Quickheal antivirus protects may be disabled permanently.

Solutions of Quickheal not scanning

  • Update your Quickheal antivirus.
  • Enable Quickheal protection, if it is disabling from the settings.
  • Reinstall Quichheal antivirus software, if it is not working yet.

How to remove virus from computer without using antivirus

If you are struggling with system scan problems yet, you can follow the below method to scan a system without using any antivirus software. You have to apply some general points in your system to remove the viruses.

  1. Open system <Start Menu> and type <Command Prompt> in the search bar.
  2. <Run as Administrator> to command prompt following right-click button of the mouse.
  3. Click on the <YES> button to open the command prompt.
  4. Type <sfc/scannow> in the command prompt by using keyboard.
  5. Hit the <Enter> button on the keyboard.
  6. It will take some time, after that it can remove viruses completely.

Customer support

In this article, we provided some efficient solution related to the Quickheal antivirus which is not the scanning system. I hope! After reading the entire article your problem may be resolved completely. But if you are facing same problems till now, you should consult with Quickheal Antivirus customer support. They will provide beneficial solutions related to problems.



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