PC Pitstop Review 2020 & PC Matic reviews


When it comes to the security of your computer, you would prefer an antivirus that can not only weed out the virus/malware and other threats present in your PC but also gives you the satisfaction that everything is all right with your PC. The brainchild of PC Pitstop, PC Matic is an optimizing tool that includes the features of antivirus. It can not only boost up the speed of your computer but optimizes the entire computer by scanning for a host of issues such as benchmark performance, disk defragmentation, malware removal to name a few.

Quite honestly, PC Matic seems peculiar at first as it doesn’t really work like other antivirus out there in the market. But over the time, you can clearly see the positive results that in a true sense make it stand apart from the other software of its niche. Now it’s high time to take a look at the pros and cons of using this fabulous system optimization/antivirus software-


Positive aspects of PC Matic (Pros)

  • Ideal customer base: PC users/individuals who want an easy-to-use antivirus.
  • Key Functionality:
    • PC Matic blocks all kind of malware/virus entering in your computer via the Internet.
    • Whitelist approach to flush the threats out of your PC.
    • Simple interface
    • Easy to use
    • Boost the speed of the internet
    • Ad blocker prevents the annoying ads from popping on your PC
    • Fixes registries and remove junk files
  • Brownie point: It optimizes your computer system completely. You can clearly observe the difference in the performance of your PC a few days after using it. Not only this, you get 30 days of money back guarantee, which is really the best point of using this software.
  • Malware protection Included: PC Matic comes with active malware protection to remove the most stubborn malware present in your computer system.
  • Support multiple computer systems: One of the many amazing features of PC Matic is that it can be installed in 5 different computers.

Negative aspects of PC Matic (Cons)

Now, PC Matic has many things to offer but there are certain areas in which it needs improvement. Let’s dig a little bit deeper and find out what really put you off in PC Matic-

  • Absence of customer support: One thing that really catches you off guard is that PC Matic despite its great functionalities lacks the facility to contact the customer support or chat. Now, there might be a possibility that the user feels difficulty in operating it or want to raise a concern about the software but he/she can’t because there is no chat window or other way to establish contact with the customer service.
  • Unwanted Blockages: Sometimes, PC Matic blocks certain files/programs from running even though they are not corrupted. This problem happens randomly and might possibly be fixed in near future.
  • Random crashing of PC: There are certain situations, where it has been observed that PC Matic crashes the computer as soon you use it to fix the issues in your PC. Again, this problem happens randomly, so you need to ensure whether it’s the problem with your PC or with PC Matic.

Final Verdict

On weighing the pros and cons, we’ve come to the conclusion that PC Matic is a value for money software that can be relied upon. The features and functionalities it offers are quite huge and one can easily ignore the random glitches. With the help of unique whitelist technology, PC Matic keeps a list of the programs, websites and files that can be trusted. All in all, if you want the complete protection of your PC along with the optimization facility, then PC Matic surely deserves a chance.



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