Norton Stopped working Antivirus not opening


In this digital age, the number of computers connected to the internet is more than ever before. Each one of these computers is at the constant risk of getting infected to online security threats like viruses and malware. It is possible to nullify the risk of viruses and malware by using a good antivirus like Norton. However, Norton itself is prone to some issues. The most common of these issues is Norton stopped working or not opening.

In case you are also a Norton user dealing with similar problems such as Norton not opening, Norton stopped responding etc. then this article is just for you. Here, we will discuss the simplest step by step procedure to fix Norton Stopped working or not opening issue.


Why Norton is not working on your computer?

There are many possible factors that can result in Norton not responding or working error. Here are some of the common reasons why you might be facing this kind of problem.

  1. Corrupted or incomplete installation of Norton.
  2. Missing or incompatible drivers
  3. You might be using an incompatible version of Norton with your operating system.
  4. Virus or malware attack in your PC.
  5. Missing Windows Update.
  6. Expired or incorrect Norton license key.
  7. Corrupted system files.

Being the technical software there are countless possibilities that can cause Norton not working problem.

How to Fix Norton not working or opening issues in Norton Antivirus?

Whatever be the reason leaving your computer without an antivirus can cause a serious threat to your online security. Here are the steps you may follow in order to fix such a problem.

Step 1: Restart your computer system.

  • The first step to fix this problem is restarting your computer.
  • Make sure you exit all the programs before restarting your PC.

Step 2: Download and Run Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool

  • You need to visit the official website of Symantec (manufacturer of Norton) in order to download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.
  • The downloaded file will be stored the download folder of your browser.
  • Double click the downloaded file to run the setup wizard.
  • Read the license agreement and click on “Agree”.
  • Click on “Remove & Reinstall” button

Note: You may see “Remove” button instead of “Remove & Reinstall” in case your Norton product is from your service provider.

  • Now, click on “Continue” or “Remove” button.
  • Finally, click on “Restart Now” button.

After the restarting of your computer, you just need to follow the instructions on your screen to reinstall Norton antivirus. Norton should work fine after reinstallation.

Some Important Tips to remember

  • The above mentioned procedure is applicable to windows computer only. In case you are facing Norton stopped working error in a Mac device then you first have to uninstall Norton using RemoveSymantecMacFiles tool and then reinstall Norton.
  • In case you have Norton Family installed in your PC then you should uninstall it before running the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool. To know more Norton Support


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