Norton Antivirus Installation process discontinued while performing the installation


Generally, most of the people use Antivirus in their system to save the data and information from the internet threats like viruses, malwares, spywares and harmful websites. These online threats can steal your private information and also affects the performance of your device. So, there are many antiviruses available in the market to provide internet security. Among all the security software products Norton is considered as one of the best antivirus software.

Like other software, people also face problems in installing the Norton antivirus software. If you are also going through the same, we will help you to resolve this problem.


How to reinstall Norton antivirus-

When Norton antivirus installation process discontinued, you should follow some point to restart the installing process again. It will help you to solve the problem; you should read all point carefully and solve the issues related to the Norton antivirus installation.

Login in Norton account-

First, you should register on the Norton website to download Norton antivirus. You can register by using Email address & password because it creates a log file and saves information related to Norton antivirus downloading. You can restart Norton antivirus downloading the file by using the email account.

Clear cache and cookies of the web browser-

If you don’t clear your web browser cache and cookies files, you should clear it first. Because cache & cookies consume system memory and also slow down the performance of the system, that’s why Norton antivirus creates problems.

Restart downloading the file in Chrome browser-

If you’re using Google Chrome web browser, you should restart your Norton Antivirus file by using the below instructions.

Click on the top-right corner of Chrome browser.

  • Click on the Downloads
  • Search Norton antivirus downloading the file.
  • Click Resume/Pause button to restart Norton antivirus software file.
  • Now, it will start to download.

Customer support service-

We hope! Your Norton antivirus installing problem will be solved yet. If not, you should consult with Norton customer support service for more information. You can contact by using different modes like email, voice call, and comment on the Norton customer service. They will provide you reliable information to solve the Norton problems.


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