Solutions for How to Fix Malwarebytes won’t Install properly


Malwarebytes won’t install properly- How to fix this? Malwarebytes provide complete protection to the system from malicious virus and malware that can affect the system if not removed. It provides a user-friendly way to remove viruses from your computer and keep it running at its peak performance. But sometimes, even this friendly tool offers certain problems while installation. Are you also having the same trouble and tired of repeating the installation process? Well, in this article, we are providing the solution to the installation issues. Kindly go through this article to resolve the problem.

Reasons behind the Malwarebytes installation issues

The Malwarebytes installation issue can be due to several reasons, some of the most common one are listed below:

  • Software compatibility issue
  • Conflict with third party app
  • Presence of virus in system
  • Corrupted setup file
  • Slow internet speed

Ways to resolve the Malwarebytes installation issues

The basic installation issues related to Malwarebytes can be fixed by the user themselves by following the correct troubleshoot measures. The simplest possible solutions to this issue that the users can follow are mentioned below:

  1. Stop any other installation in progress

If any other installation is in progress, it might also create problems with the Malwarebytes installation. Stop any such installation or wait for it to complete before you start installing Malwarebytes.

  1. Resolve conflict with any installed third-party app

The Malwarebytes installation error can also be due to the conflict with any antivirus or other third party application already installed in your system. Uninstall or temporarily turn off any such application to continue with the installation.

  1. Make sure system has no virus

Check for any virus symptoms in your system if the installation problem is not getting fixed.

  1. Install only the latest version

If you are trying to install any older version of the software, chances are that you might get installation error. If possible, try only to install the latest version of the software. If you have any older version already installed in your system, uninstall it first and then reinstall the new one.

  1. Check device space

Make sure that your device has enough space to store the installed file. The installation process will not begin until you make space for the installed file.

  1. Corrupt downloaded file

Sometimes, a corrupt setup file create problem during installation. In case there is a fault with the setup, download a fresh file and then reinitiate installation process. There can also be compatibility issues with the downloaded file that could prevent successful installation.

  1. Check system requirement

It is very important for any software to meet the system requirement or else it will definitely create troubles with working. If your installation is failing, it may be due to the reason that the Malwarebytes software is not meeting system requirements necessary for its installation.

  1. Check for internet connection

Well, sometimes everything is just fine with the installation process and it is only the internet speed that is creating trouble in the installation. Make sure that you have a continuing internet speed. To know more contact Malwarebytes Technical Support


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