Installation of the AVG Antivirus Software has stopped? Get quick tips to solve


Installation of the AVG Antivirus Software has stopped: The antivirus software is main possible reasons that are why you are not able to install your AVG. This type of problem will prevent you to download, install and operation of programs. If you want to get rid of this particular problem then find out the solution here which I mention below.

Installation of the AVG Antivirus Software has stopped? Get quick tips to solve

  1. You can simply use the AVG reset access tool to repair the corrupted things. For this:
  • First, save your all work, then close the documents and run the program. Now download the AVG reset access tool. Immediately close all running program then run the download file and hit the accept button to confirm the agreement.
  • Then you have to click on continue button and restart the computer

2. If you have any previous version of AVG then you can remove it by download the AVG remover tool. For this:

  • First, you have to download the AVG remover tool. Then run the downloaded file and hit the continue button to accept the term and condition. Once you did it, the AVG remover scans your all computer.
  • After you have to select that product which you want to uninstall and click on remove button. Now click on restart. If you found security warning like the message then click on run to complete the uninstallation process. And after that restart your computer again.

3. Another way to get rid of this issue is, to reboot your computer immediately then you can try to install, updating your software.

4. Sometime due to internet issue you are not able to install and update the software. So double check your internet connectivity when you are going to install or update the software. And if you found any kind of issue regarding internet connectivity then immediately contact to internet service provider for appropriate solution.

5. Sometime firewall is blocking access to articulate 3360. In this case contact to your network administrator so that they can allow communication over port 80 and 443 and also whitelist these domains.

6. Sometime due to user account control issue this type of problem has occurred. To solve this:

  • You have to open your window sound manager and right click on speaker icon & choose the sound. Then click on window user account control.
  • Then use sound in the drop-down list to select the none, now click on OK to close it.
  • And finally, reboot your computer and try to install. Now hope it works fine.

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