How to install Dr, Web antivirus in Windows Computer


There is a lot of virus and malware are found on the computer who can harm your device by stole your information and important data of your computer. So it is necessary to install security software in your computer, there is a lot of antiviruses are available in the market with a different security feature, so we suggest you choose an antivirus for your computer.

Dr. Web antivirus is one of the best security software who works on the latest security feature, it provides the best security to your device. There is a lot of advance feature in the dr. web antivirus which you can see below:

  • It is compatible with window 10
  • It provides social account protection from the Unauthorized access
  • Provide a fast scan of your whole computer data
  • It protects your account information to be the leak
  • Automatically scan apps in the background for malware and virus scan
  • Scan external device if it is connected to the computer

The complete Installation process of the Dr. Web Antivirus:

  • Download the Dr. Web antivirus from its official website, Click on the link to setup according to your window version.
  • Just go to the file location, Ad double click on the setup of the Dr. Web antivirus
  • After Complete the installation enter the “Key” that you got at the time of purchase, it will be in your mail account, or on the card, if you purchased “CD”
  • After entering the key in your subscription box, Click on finish

So these are some of the steps by which you can easily install antivirus in your computer, in case if you face any difficulty in the installation then you can call us at Dr. Web Antivirus customer service Number Where our technical support team will guide you for the best possible solution instantly.


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