How to Install CCleaner in Window 10?


CCleaner is a cleaning tool that has the ability to wipe out unnecessary files, broken shortcuts, unused registries and freeing up the hard disk space so that the performance of your computer reaches the optimum level. The benefits of installing CCleaner are far-reaching. In case, you’re wondering how to install CCleaner, then don’t worry as in this post you will discover the correct way of installing CCleaner and how you can take the help of customer support for further assistance.

While CCleaner is compatible with almost all versions of the windows, many of the users using Windows 10 specifically experience installation issues related to it. Many users complain that they cannot start the installation due to the error that says ‘Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.’ So, to address those issues we’ll be discussing the installation process of CCleaner in Windows 10 and the role of customer service in tackling such issues.


Correct way to install CCleaner in Windows 10

Follow the instruction given below to install CCleaner in Windows 10-

  • Go to the CCleaner website.
  • Choose the version you want to download – free or paid.
  • The installer will automatically get downloaded, if not then click “start download” button.
  • Click “ok” when download prompt shows the file to be downloaded or not.
  • Open the folder in which the installer file with extension .exe resides.
  • Double click the file to run the setup wizard.
  • Click “next” and further click “install” to install the CCleaner in windows 10.
  • Once done, click “finish” button to open the CCleaner.
  • Now you can run the tool to remove undesired files.

Here are some of the additional things to keep in mind before you seek help from the customer service officials –

  • Make sure that your antivirus is not meddling with the installation.
  • Try to run the installer as the admin
  • Check if the file is missing from its location

If the problem still persisted, then we highly encourage you to take the help from the customer support executive. You can contact the representatives by the method stated below.

Issues not fixed? Contact Customer support for quick resolution

In case you encounter the error in downloading the file or while installing it, then it might be wise to take the help of a customer support executive who will perform the troubleshooting steps for you and fix the errors that you might be facing. Reaching out to customer service will not only give you solution in time but it will also save your money and all the hassle that comes with it. So if you want quick resolution then there are many ways to contact Customer service.You can reach to them via support page or forum. It is important for users to know that CCleaner customer support doesn’t provide helpline number or phone number. You can contact them by raising a ticket via the ways mentioned in the article.


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