How to Install and Activate AVG Antivirus with Window 10?


AVG Antivirus is free security software to protect your device from any type of security threat spyware and malware protection software which is free for a personal computer, Business computer, and non-commercial use. AVG Antivirus protect on mail servers as a server-side email virus scanner. It focused on blocking malware, spyware, and the virus that can infect your PC and modify your personal information and data stored on your computer.  It is better to install and use the antivirus software like AVG to secure your computer, but sometimes it can be annoying when some technical issue occurs in AVG antivirus. So, here we are going to describe installation and activate the AVG Antivirus.

Steps to Install AVG antivirus in the Computer

  • Download the AVG Antivirus Setup for installation from its official site.
  • Double Click on the setup file to initiate the installing procedure.
  • Tick on start setting up, then agree with the EUA and monitor the commands on the screen.
  • After the set up is over, the software asks for the license of the serial number.
  • It can be bought in addition to or at the period of downloading.
  • In some circumstances, the number is directed through emails, which you can put on this by following the periods of Activating AVG.
  • Finish the installation and then reboot your system.
  • If you already have it installed on your computer and you simply need to activate or reactivate your product, please skip to the Activating AVG instructions below.

Steps to Activate AVG Antivirus

If you already installed the antivirus on your computer and you only want to activate it, please follow the following steps:

Note: These also apply to transferring your AVG license to a new computer.

  • Start the Avg antivirus program icon on the screen or the sign in the statement area on the right side of your system screen.
  • On the screen click Options then click on “Activate” to activate the software.
  • At this instant put the presently got License Number received by you in the mail on purchasing the product into the box delivered on the interface, and before clicking on Activate.
  • This will initiate your AVG antivirus activation process with a new license number. Then, you can also confirm this by visiting the Avg Support from the menu.
  • You will discover the license number and legitimacy besides with other product info.
  • In this way, you can activate your antivirus software.

Sometimes interfaces might be a bit different but overall steps remain the same.

As you can fell that, it is we who have to install it for you! Happy computing. You can call Avg antivirus customer support to contact the Avg antivirus helpline number to solve your issues. For any queries don’t forget to contact us. Our experts are available 24*7 who can remotely install &develop your Avg software for you.




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