How to renew Kaspersky antivirus License?


How to renew Kaspersky antivirus License? When you are using your kaspersky antivirus then might be possible after the couple of days your key had expired. So what will you do in that case? Obviously, you have to renew your license and activate the product by the help of renewal activation code. First, you have to activate the new activation code which you got from the renewal notice then a new code will be activated automatically after your current license expires.

Fix How to renew Kaspersky antivirus License?

1) First, you have to open your Kaspersky antivirus 2017, and then look lower right of the corner where you find the license link, just click on that link.


2) Now you have to click on enter activation code button under the new activation code. Make sure if your license has expired then you will be known with one message called licensed has expired.

3) After that you will see two option called “enter activation code and purchase activation code” but you have to go with entering the activation code and here you can paste and type activation code. Kindly note one thing- this activation code will enter from the keyboard in Latin letters only. After that save the activation code

4) Now you have to wait until the wizard completes its task then click on finish button.

5) After that in the licensing window, the information about new license will appear.

But sometime during activation, you have to face some kind of technical issues which are not usually solved by the users. Here I share some of the common issues which occur during the activation process and also I mention the solution regarding this problem.

1) If you are going to activate the kaspersky then might be possible you encountered one problem “activation code is no longer supported” in this case the only solution is to buy a valid activation code from the store or from retailer partner.

2) Sometimes you find the error of incorrect activation code. To solve this problem:

  • Always check that the code you type is correct or not.
  • Always entered all the 20 characters of the activation code.
  • When you enter the code, kindly disable the automatic keyboard layout switcher for a while.

3) During activation code might be possible your licensed will expired. So, in this case, :
First, check the system’s date is correct or not.

  • Try again to activate the application
  • If these above two things are correct then another option is to renew your license which I mentioned above.

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