How to improve performance after installing bit defender antivirus?


How to improve performance after installing bit defender antivirus?: Is performance slow in BitDefender antivirus after installing it? So what is the exact reason behind this? Actually, some of the users think that the system’s performance depends only on the hardware configuration such as hard disk, memory usage and all. But this is not true because apart from hardware configuration the system’s performance depends on software configuration and your data management too. And if you find that your big defender’s system performance is too slow then try these basics solutions which I mention below so that you know how to improve the performance of bitdefender after installing it.

How to improve performance after installing bit defender antivirus?

1) One of the main reasons that make your system too slow is the files which are no longer useful and still stay in your system. These files are temporary internet files, cookies and system file etc. So here you are required to clean your personal computer immediately. For this:

  • First, you have to open your big defender window then just click on optimise on the tune up panel and now you have to select PC clean up
  • And then you have to follow the wizard’s steps.

2) If you clean your window registry then surely you are able to improve the performance of bitdefender. For this process, you are required to use a registry cleaner. Make sure this registry cleaner tool scans your all window registry and automatically deletes all the invalid registry keys.

3) If you want to access the file faster and want to improve the overall performance of system then here I suggest you defragment your hard disk. Definitely, this defragmentation reduces the file fragmentation and improves the overall performance of your computer system.

4) If you found that your system’s speed is too slow then kindly scan your system at least once in a week. Because might be possible your computer system is affected with any threaten virus or malware so it’s better to scan your whole system which solves your problem regarding bitdefender antivirus.

5) Sometime what happens if your machine is not meet the minimum system requirement then, in this case, your computer system will become too slow and sluggish and especially if there are lots of applications are running at the same time. So here you are required to know the exact system requirement for bitdefender do that it works well.

If these above steps will solve your all problem then it’s ok, otherwise, I have one option for you, just contact to Bitdefender Antivirus technical support experts for the instant solution regarding bitdefender antivirus.


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