How to Fix Most Common Issues of Norton Antivirus Application?


How to Fix Most Common Issues of Norton Antivirus Application?: The Norton antivirus works in the background of the system and protects our whole system from several of threats and viruses. In this post, you will clearly find the most common issues of Norton antivirus & what are their possible solutions to overcome those issues in Norton antivirus.

1) What will you do if Norton antivirus is not opening or crashing? Try these possible steps to solve this:

  • The very first activity you have to do, just restart your computer in safe mode with networking. After that try to open Norton antivirus program and also you have to update the latest version of antivirus in your system.
  • Now immediately run the full scan of Norton antivirus and on your computer in normal mode. Hope this step will work. But if again you will find any difficulty then try another step to solve this.

2) Sometimes user faces the uninstall and install related issue in Norton antivirus. If you have this kind of problem then try these below steps:

  • First, if you found that it is not working then simply just remove the Norton antivirus on your computer and try to again install it.
  • You can also try one perfect tool to uninstall the Norton antivirus i.e. Norton removal tool. You can download it and uninstall it then again install the Norton antivirus in your system.

3) The internet issues are the very common problem which is mostly faced by the users. We have seen that many of the users install the Norton antivirus, but after that, they found their internet is nor perfectly working. In some of the cases, the problem is related to internet service provider or might be there is another antivirus which blocks your internet connectivity. Surely the problem is related to your firewall if is it so then try to fix this problem here:

  • Simply just close the entire program and restart your computer. Here you have to disable temporarily your firewall.
  • The start your system & open the Norton product. After that go to setting option and click on the firewall under the under the section of details setting.
  • After that, in general, tab section click on turn off which is next to the smart firewall. Then in protection alert box, you have to click on apply and choose the permanently.
  • Now click on apply and ok to confirm that firewall is turned off.
  • Then restart your computer again and move to Norton. Please ensure your latest version of Norton antivirus and turn on your Norton firewall.

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