How Can I Remove Autorun Organizer Ads – Direct Removal From Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer


Autorun Organizer is often portrayed as a system optimization tool that improves the computer’s performance by deleting junk files and folder. Doesn’t it sound great? But actually, the tools to delete junk files and folder are already available in your PC. Autorun Organizer is a malicious application that aggressively generates different ads that completely highjacks your browser. Most of these ads generated by Autorun Organizer are in form of Pop-ups and banners. Sometimes, these ads also appear between the Videos as well. Autorun organizer Ads is not only dangerous for your browser it takes a heavy toll on your device as well. It can slow down and infect the device with different viruses. It is recommended that you should remove Autorun organizer Ads virus from your PC as soon as it appears.

The Autorun organizer ads are extremely annoying that never miss a chance to interfere with your Internet browsing experience. No matter you are watching a video or searching an important query the Autorun Organizer can push pop-up ads out of nowhere. Go through this tutorial till the end to know how you can stop Autorun organizer ads to appear on your browser screen forever.


Symptoms of Autorun Organizer

You don’t have to put much of an effort in order to identify the Autorun Organizer adware. Here are the symptoms that your device will show if it is infected by the Autorun Organizer.

  1. Browser keeps flooding with automatic pop-up ads and banner.
  2. Various ads pushing you to click on the particular links.
  3. Automatic opening of new tabs and windows in the browser.
  4. Browser speed also tends to slow down.
  5. Automatic installation of different add-ons and extensions in your browser.

Generally, the symptoms of Autorun organizer are similar to that of any other adware. If your system is also showing the above-mentioned symptoms then you should remove Autorun Organizer or any other malware that is causing the problem.

Why you should uninstall Autorun Organizer Ads?

It is often considered that Adware are not as dangerous as other viruses such as Ransomware and Trojan horses etc. Well, it is true that an Adware is less dangerous than Trojan horses and Ransomware. But still, we can say that having Autorun Organizer Ads virus in your PC is making it less safe and prone to different viruses. The ads that are usually pushed by the Autorun Organizer contains malicious links often intended to scam you in different ways.

Many times the Autorun Organizer Ads are designed to steal the visitor’s confidential data like location and other online activities. In addition to this, Autorun organizer can also modify your search result which can also lead you to further inconvenience.

How to remove Autorun Organizer Ads Virus?

The complete process to stop Autorun Organizer Ads is divided into the following steps as given below:

  1. Stop Autorun Organizer Ads from Windows Task Manager
  2. Uninstall Autorun Organizer Ads virus from Windows configuration
  3. Remove Autorun Organizer Ads from Windows Network Settings
  4. Delete Autorun Organizer from the Browsers.
  5. Get rid of Autorun Organizer from the Windows registry

Let’s discuss these steps in detail

Step – 1: Remove Autorun Organizer Ads Application from the Windows Task Manager

  • Open windows task manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc buttons together.
  • Go to the “Processes” Tab and look for the suspicious processes running in your PC.
  • Right click on the potentially dangerous process and choose “Open File Location”.
  • Finally, scan this location with a good antivirus and delete the potential threats.

Remove autorun organizer through windows task manager

Note: No antivirus is capable enough to detect all the viruses. If you think there are still traces of Autorun Organizer Ads virus in your PC then you should move on to the further steps.

Step – 2: Erase Autorun Organizer Ads Virus from Windows Configuration

  • Press Windows + R keys together to open “Run” Window.
  • Type “appwiz.cpl” and press “Ok”.

Open control panel

  • Now, the “Control Panel” will open. Here, you need to remove Autorun organizer app or some other apps looking suspicious.
  • Then, in the search field, you should type “msconfig” and press “Enter”. This will open a new pop-up window.
  • Go to the “Startup” window and uncheck the boxes against the entries that have “unknown” manufacturer.

Delete Autorun organizer from system configuration

Step – 3: Eliminate Autorun Organizer Ads Virus from the Windows network

  • Open run window by pressing “Windows + R” keys together and paste the following path in the box.

notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts

  • This will open a text file. If your PC is hacked then the IP address of the virus creator will appear at the bottom as shown in the image.

Remove Suspicious IP

  • You should remove all the IPs except the localhost entry.
  • Now, press start button and right click the “Network Adapter”.
  • Click on “Properties” followed by “Internet Protocol Version 4 (ICP/IP).
  • Click the “Properties” button from the bottom of the window.
  • Then, click on “Advanced” from the bottom of the window.
  • Finally, Open “DNS” tab and remove everything under the DNS server addresses.

Delete Autorun Configure Ads from DNS settings

Step – 4 Get rid of Autorun Organizer Ads from the Browsers

After following the three step mentioned above you should be able to remove Autorun Organizer Ads from the Windows. Now, you should move on to uninstall Autorun Organizer Ads from the different browsers.

Uninstall Autorun Organizer Ads from Mozilla Firefox.

  • Run Mozilla Firefox and click on Menu (three horizontal bar icon) from the top corner.
  • Click on “Extensions” and look for any suspicious application.
  • Remove suspicious application by clicking on “Remove” button.

Remove Autorun organizer ads extension from FireFox

Remove Autorun Organizer from Google Chrome

  • In order to wipe out Autorun Organizer apps from Chrome, you first need to close Google Chrome.
  • Then navigate to the following location using Windows Explorer.

C:/Users/!!!!USER NAME!!!!/AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/User Data

  • In this location, you will find the “Default” folder.

Rename Chrome Default folder

  • Rename this folder to “Backup Default” and restart Chrome.

Erase Autorun Organizer Ads from Internet Explorer

  • Click on “Settings” from the top right corner and click on “Manage add-ons”.

Internet Explorer Manage Add-ons

  • Try to find the suspicious application and disable it.
  • Now, go to “Settings” and click on “Internet Option”.
  • Change the home page URL if it is modified by the virus.
  • Finally, Click on “Apply” and “Ok” to save changes.

Step – 5 Delete Autorun Organizer in the Windows Registry

  • Open “Run” box and search “Regedit”.

Open Registry Editor

  • Press “Ctrl + F” button together and type the suspicious application name.
  • Finally, delete the suspicious entries by right-clicking on them.

In case you can’t find the suspicious entries then you should delete the following entries.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER—-Software—–Random Directory

HKEY_CURRENT_USER—-Software—Microsoft—-Windows—CurrentVersion—Run– Random

and HKEY_CURRENT_USER—-Software—Microsoft—Internet Explorer—-Main—- Random

Note: You should try this step only if you are confident enough to work of Windows Registry. Modifying the incorrect registry can cause permanent damage to your Windows System.

Autorun Organizer Ads virus Distribution Methods and precaution

Precaution is always better than cure. You can protect your PC from this virus so that you don’t have to remove Autorun organizer Ad virus later. Here are various distribution methods by which Autorun virus can infiltrate the user’s computer.

  1. Through pop-ups ads on different websites.
  2. Through torrents and free downloader.
  3. Software bundling is also a method of Autorun Organizer distribution.
  4. It also spread through Spam Emails and Shareware.

Here are the precautions you should take in order to prevent future Autorun Organizer Adware infection.

  • Always download files from the trusted websites only.
  • Never click on random pop-up ads.
  • Always read terms and conditions before installing the software.
  • Check the complete software package before installing it.

Install good anti-malware software to keep viruses like Autorun Organizer Adware at bay.



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