How to give permission to a Blocked Program in the AVG Internet Security


AVG is the family of the Security software; they provide various type of security software to the user for their different device for the different purpose. It secure your PC from the various type of security threat like virus, malware, unauthorized access computer hacking and faulty sites. AVG blocked those site which is harmful to your computer if they have some faulty links or extension. If you configured your antivirus with the firewall security then it works as a filter for your computer. It stopped those links which are suspicious and having some harmful content.

AVG Antivirus can block programs or applications that have any suspicious content and stopped them to access the Internet connection. But it is difficult when AVG blocked some sites but the user wants to access them So that user can unblock them by making some changes in their setting, It can be risky for your computer and your personal information.


How to give permission to a Blocked Program in the AVG Internet Security?

In this kind of situation, you can ask for help by making a call to the certified AVG Antivirus Customer Support technician when you haven’t too much technical knowledge about the software. For regarding the simple process you can follow given steps which are helping to unblock your program.

  • Click on the AVG antivirus icon, Your window will display the user interface of the AVG antivirus then click on AVG Control Panel by clicking on the system tray, double time, and then hit the Firewall icon.
  • You have to know AVG doesn’t block any program without user permission so without taking permission, hit the ‘Change’ button located in the ‘Firewall Mode’ section.
  • Choose the ‘Interactive mode’ option and then choose the ‘Apply’ button and click ‘OK’. Once the option is selected, it will show you to block the new program.
  • Click on the ‘Settings’ option and then choose the application tab. The complete list of software and application have installed on your computer will be showing.
  • To find the desired application you have to go down and find the program you want to unblock. Then click on the Unblock icon then save the changes.
  • After That choose the ‘Allow’ option from the menu to unblock the application. Then ‘Apply’ button to make changes in settings, followed by ‘OK’ to close the window.

In case if the AVG Internet Security is still blocking programs and not allowing them to use the Internet, you can take the expert suggestion in this critical situation by calling on the AVG Antivirus customer support helpline Number. When you dial toll-free number, They will give you instant response to your query.


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