Free version of Malwarebytes Antimalware keeps running unscheduled scans


Are you tired of the unwanted and unscheduled scans that the Malwarebytes Antimalware keeps on running and interfere with your work? If yes, then this post is meant for you. While many people use the Antimalware software introduced by Malwarebytes without worry, to some people it might become the unnecessary burden when it starts running the scans even when they haven’t scheduled it. You might be wondering where to take the help from. Don’t worry about this article we’ll tell you the right way to contact the customer support team.

We know the level of frustration when the free version of Malwarebytes Antimalware keeps running unscheduled scans on your computer or any other device. Today we’ll shed some light on the proper way to get rid of this issue via Customer service. The Malwarebytes customer service is known for its speedy resolutions. We know how things can become messy if we try to attempt to fix any technical issue all by ourselves. Therefore, it is imperative to contact a professional who would give you a proper solution without spending additional amount. You make yourself trouble-free only when you contact a customer service professional.


How to contact customer support for Antimalware issues?

To seek the help of customer support, you’ll need to download the Malwarebytes Support Tool from the Malwarebytes website. Follow the instruction once you’ve downloaded the tool –

  • Go to the “downloads “folder in your computer and double-click the .exe (executable) file.
  • Click “yes” to allow the tool to run its setup.
  • Put a check in the field asking you to accept license agreement and click”next” to proceed.
  • Now you’ll encounter a welcoming page, click the “advance options” link at the bottom of that page.
  • Further click on the “gathering logs” tab.
  • Now the tool will start troubleshooting the information regarding the issues.
  • After completing it, just click “ok” and you will observe a file on your desktop with the name
  • You need to attach that file and send it to the Customer Support through different ways mentioned below.

Ways to contact customer support

Are you using the free version of Malwarebytes Antimalware that keeps running unscheduled scans? Here’s how to fix the issue by taking the help of customer support executive.

There are many ways through which you can contact the customer support of Malwarebytes for issues related to its Antimalware product. You can reach out to the customer support via forums, live chat and support page. Here users must know that Malwarebytes doesn’t offer support through phone number. You can raise a ticket to the customer service once you’ve found the issues using the support tool mentioned above. The live chat is available from Monday to Friday, 6 AM TO 5 PM. Before you contact the customer service, we recommend you to follow the system logs generation process which we’ve explained in the article.


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