How to disable Mcafee Internet Security in the Window 7 Operating System


McAfee is one of the outstanding security software which protects the computer from various type malicious software and virus. This malicious software installs on your computer due to some of the mistake like if you click on the pop-up or unnecessary links. This antivirus software provides protection to the unwanted software or unwanted links. Through using this application you can scan your computer proper manner. But after confirmation of the computer security users may come through the technical issue where the antivirus software would stop to function or doesn’t show any response. To get the solution for such type of issue you can contact the McAfee technical support team.

How to Disable McAfee in your window 7 Operating System?

You have to need to disable the smart firewall in computer


1 Step – Disable McAfee by using Task Bar

  • First of all click on the icon of the McAfee antivirus on the taskbar in the notification area
  • To get the list of the menu in the McAfee antivirus just click on the icon that would be related to the Internet Security Suite

2 Step – Disable McAfee Antivirus through the Smart firewall

  • This time you need to choose an option “disable smart firewall” to temporarily shut down of the firewall.
  • After that, you need to select the duration from the drop-down menu for the temporary time
  • Click at OK to shut down your Antivirus for the limited time till your task has been completed.

3 Step – Disable Antivirus through the McAfee Antivirus Control Panel

  • In this step, the user needs to choose “Disable AntiVirus” for temporarily disabling the antivirus protection.
  • Through the Disable Smart Firewall option, the software of McAfee prompts for choosing the duration of the shutdown.
  • It is time now to choose the button for “OK” for the activation of the shutdown.
  • The system would be exposed to the threats when the antivirus and firewall are disabled.

So these are the way by which you can easily disable your antivirus for the temporary time when you want to perform some task. So by applying this technique user can shut down their security software in the window 7 operating system. For more help and support and query you can ask to the McAfee Antivirus Customer Support number where you can get easy support for computer or any kind of technical issue in the Software, here our team will guide you to resolve any issue arise in the computer.


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