Computer started performing Slow after AVG Antivirus has been installed


Computer started performing Slow after AVG Antivirus has been installed: Most of the antiviruses consume system memory or resources to run or scan the files and slow down the system performance. AVG antivirus software is also same as other antiviruses which protect the device from viruses and malware. Installing of AVG antivirus in the system consumes more memory along with RAM of the system.

Computer started performing slowly after AVG Antivirus has been installed

RAM of the system


RAM (Random Access Memory) allows program files to run on the system. All running programs work on the RAM; it is a volatile memory which erases all the data or software files which is running on it after switching off the electricity supply. After rebooting the device all programs again load in the RAM and performs the task. Similarly, AVG also loads files on RAM to scans all the system files and consumes more RAM so, system performs slowly.

More programs running same time

If system resources and memory hold by some programs which are running on it, they can slow down the computer performance because system memory and resources are limited. If more processes are trying to occupy system resources, it will also create problems. So, it is necessary, you should load that program which is necessary otherwise close the program after completing the task.

How to solve the System slow down problem

Antivirus is also necessary to protect the system from harmful threats. So uninstalling of AVG antivirus is not a good solution to resolve the problem. If you want to troubleshoot this problem, you can follow the method which will help you or overcome your system problem.

  • Open your AVG antivirus program by clicking on the AVG icon.
  • Navigate to the AVG settings field and find the Scheduling tab to set the scanning duration.
  • You can set it manually on the 3-4 days.
  • It will scan your system after 3-4 days and will work properly.

Need more help?

Your problem must be solved by applying the given method. If you want to know more about the AVG antivirus or some other reasons for slow down the system, you can visit on the official website of the AVG Antivirus customer support. It contains all information related to the AVG antivirus and their problems. So, you can visit it and also retrieve the efficient solution to your problems.


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