Computer is performing sluggishly after Kaspersky Application has been installed


There are many different reasons to slow down the system; it may be Kaspersky application, a large number of the application running, Virus problems and many others. When a large number of resources are consumed by the system applications, it will work sluggishly. In this blog, we are telling you about some reasons and their solution to fix the slow down system problem.

Kaspersky antivirus Application-


Kaspersky antivirus is software which protects our system from the internet security threats. It may be viruses, malware, spyware, and some dangerous websites which can harm the system performance. Kaspersky antivirus consumes a large number of system resources which can slow down the speed of the system. It works in the entire system and scans all the files affected by the viruses and also kills them. So, it consumes a large number of system resources to run that’s why your system may be slowed down. If you are also facing the same problem in your system, you can fix it by using some simple instructions which are available on the given below blog.

How to fix computer sluggish problem-

  1. Close unwanted windows- If you are using many windows in the web browser, you should close some of them which are not useful in upcoming time. After closing some windows, it will free some system resources which help to remove the slow down problem.
  2. Uninstall some applications- If your system contains more installed programs, they consume system resources like memory, internet data, CPU clock cycles etc. which slow down the system. So, you should uninstall some large applications which are not useful to you.
  3. Restart your system- You should restart your system after uninstalling the programs. Restarting is necessary to reallocate the system resources which are freed by the uninstalled programs. After this, your system works properly.

After following all above methods to fix the problem of slow down, the system is not working properly yet. You should consult with the Kaspersky support center; they will give you valuable suggestions related to your problem.

You can also visit the official website of Kaspersky Antivirus customer support for finding suitable solutions. You can also contact the customer support executives of Kaspersky by using mail and voice call. You should listen to the entire instructions, provided by the customer support carefully and implement the same on the system. It will help to fix your problems.