Ccleaner Unable to Delete History of Google Chrome


Wondering why Ccleaner Unable to Delete History of Google Chrome?  Well, there are many possible reasons behind such errors; the issues can be related to your Google chrome setting or Ccleaner itself.

Before trying to fix this error, users should make sure that they are using the right version of Ccleaner. The Ccleaner is compatible with almost every version of windows. However, it is often noticed that the users who try to use the older version of Ccleaner with the latest Windows 10 faces various issues with Ccleaner due to its compatibility.


In case you are also facing such issue or you just want to know what to do when Ccleaner unable to delete the history of Google Chrome, then this post will provide you all the required information.

Possible reasons why Ccleaner unable to delete the history of Google Chrome.

  • History is saved in the Google Account: Whenever you log in to your Google account from your chrome browser, the chrome gets synchronized to your Google account. So, all your browsing history would get stored in your Google account. This might be the reason why Ccleaner unable to delete the history of Google Chrome.
  • A process associated with chrome running while cleaning: Google Chrome provides an option that allows the background application to keep running even after chrome gets closed. It is necessary to close such programmes/applications so that Ccleaner can work flawlessly.
  • Malware attacking the Ccleaner or Google Chrome: It is possible that any malicious software or virus is causing this issue. It is important that you use the latest version of Ccleaner as it provides better security than its older variants.

How to resolve “Ccleaner Unable to Delete History of Google Chrome” error?

In case you are using the latest version of Ccleaner then you should try following solutions to fix this error.

  1. Disable History from the chrome synchronization

As Ccleaner does not clean the information stored in Google Account, you should disable or stop history from the Google chrome synchronization.  You can do it under the Google Chrome settings.

  1. Close the background applications

Even after disabling history form the chrome synchronization, if Ccleaner unable to delete the history of chrome then you need to close the background applications that might be causing the problems.

Follow the steps mentioned below to close background apps

  • Open Chrome and go to the menu from the top right corner.
  • Click “Advanced Settings”.
  • Uncheck the ”Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed” button.
  1. Run a virus or Malware scan

It is possible that some virus or malware might have infected your device which is the issues with Ccleaner. Running an Antivirus/Malware scan can solve your issue in such cases.

In case if you face the problem again Then contact CCleaner Customer Service Number.


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