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CCleaner Pro doesn’t work on Windows 10- How to resolve this?: CCleaner is a highly effective tool for cleaning junk files from a computer and help it in running smoothly and efficiently. It maintains the peak performance of the system and always provides new-like experience to the user. But can you think what happens when this highly useful tool stops working? Certain cases have been seen where CCleaner stops working when someone upgrade their windows to its latest version, i.e., Windows 10. Fortunately, there are certain troubleshooting measures that the users can follow to fix this problem. In this article, we are providing the different possible reasons behind this problem and the ways to fix them.

Reasons behind the ‘CCleaner doesn’t work on Windows 10’ issue

The most common reasons behind the CCleaner not working on Windows 10 are mentioned here:

  • The installed version of CCleaner is not compatible with Windows 10.
  • The installed files got corrupted during upgrading.
  • After Windows upgrade, interference due to any installed antivirus increased.
  • Any other third-party app is creating problem with CCleaner.
  • CCleaner drivers became outdated after windows update.
  • The location of the files has been changed.

 Simple solution of the ‘CCleaner doesn’t work on Windows 10’ problem

Based on the reason that is causing the issue, there can be different possible solution to it. Some of the easiest things that the users can do to fix the problem are given below.

  1. If outdated CCleaner drivers are the reasons behind its working, all you need to do is download the important driver updates from the manufacturer’s website.
  2. Try to run CCleaner in safe mode and see if it solves the problem.
  3. There can be a serious virus threat in your system that might prevent CCleaner from working. Scan your system for virus and remove it as soon as possible.
  4. Temporarily turn-off the antivirus or any other third-party app that might be creating problems in working of CCleaner.
  5. Make sure that you have the ‘Run as Administrator’ privilege for CCleaner. To confirm this, right click on the CCleaner and click on ‘Run as administrator’ in the menu.
  6. Check if the location of CCleaner files has not been changed after you have created its shortcut on the desktop. To make sure,
  • Right click on the CCleaner shortcut on your system and select ‘properties’.
  • In the ‘properties’ window that appear on the screen, select the ‘shortcut’ tab.
  • In the target box, check that the address corresponds to actual address.
  • If the address does not match, you can either create a new shortcut or enter the actual address in the ‘target’ box.
  1. If still you are not able to make CCleaner work on your Windows 10, you can delete the existing file and download and install a completely new version of this tool.


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