How to cancel Automatic Renewal of the Avast Subscription?


How to cancel Automatic Renewal of the Avast Subscription?: Avast antivirus shows subscription message on your system while you browse the Avast website. It is quite good for the users of Avast antivirus because they know latest featured information related to the Avast antivirus after clicking on the subscription button such as an upcoming new version of Avast. It also alerts about some problems in Avast, virus, infected file etc. in your system. But sometimes subscription message create problems by alerting to the user and also make window invisible, it may be quite painful to the user who is working on the system. If you are also facing subscription, you can disable it also by performing some instructions in your Avast account.

How to cancel automatic renewal of Avast subscription-

Users can disable automatic renewal of the Avast subscription by using Avast account. They can apply some points to your Avast account after login. You can login to your Avast account by using Email ID and password. After disabling subscription, you will not receive any subscription.

  • First, visit the Avast official website by using URL which redirect you to the login page of Avast official website.
  • Click on the<Login> button available on the top-right corner of the web page.
  • Fill the required information in the text box Email address & password.
  • Press the <Login> button using the mouse button.
  • Click on the <Your license> tab available in the web page.
  • Now, it will show you list of the different license.
  • Visit on the Avast Premier tab which contains <Cancel Auto Renewal>
  • Click on the <Cancel Auto renewal> link to disable the Avast subscription.
  • It will show you a new window of Avast auto-renewal subscription. Read it carefully and click on the <Deactivate Auto Renewal Subscription>.
  • After clicking <Deactivate Auto Renewal Subscription> button, you’re Avast subscription service will be canceled successfully.

Need additional help?

In this article, we provided you some brief information about the Avast automatic renewal subscription and hope; your subscription problem will be solved. If it is not solved yet, you should consult with the Avast Antivirus customer support for additional help. They will help to solve the problem. You can also visit the Avast customer service.


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