1-833-410-5666 Web pages in the browser are loading slowly after Bitdefender has been installed


Are web pages loading very slowly in your web browser? Then surely the problem is related to the firewall issue. Then try these troubleshooting steps to solve your problem regarding bit defender.

  1. First you have to open the bit defender window then open the firewall panel and turn off the firewall.
  2. Now just click on setting button which is located at top upper toolbar. After that under the setting overview window choose firewall. Then in firewall setting window choose advanced tab.
  3. Then move to internet connection sharing and switch it to turn ON. Then move to block port scan and turn it off. After that you have to return main window.
  4. In the firewall panel hit the manager adaptor window and move to network type option and choose home/office.
  5. Now immediately move to stealth mode and set it to remote set. And select generic to yes. Then close the bit defender and reboot your computer system and check your internet speed.

Hope it works. But again if you experience this kind of issue then again try these steps to solve your problem regarding bit defender. Make sure this problem is also happening due to internet explorer cache. If the browser’s cache is out of date then might be possible this type of error has fluctuates. In this case you have to delete your browser’s cache. For this:

  • First of all you have to open your internet explorer but ensure that the Isabel website is not opened.
  • After that you have to open delete browser history by using CTRl+SHIFT+DEL key. Now here you have to choose what you want to delete. For your knowledge you have to go with temporary internet files and cookies & website data.
  • Then finally click on delete button & hope your browsers problem will solve this time.

In some of the cases it happens due to Isabel, so remove the Isabel security components and install the latest version of components.

If you are not satisfied with these above steps and still face the problem so immediately contact to Bitdefender Customer Support technical experts.


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