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McAfee total protection is software which developed by the Intel Security Group of America. It provides many internet security software for computer (Windows & Mac OS), tablets, smartphone (Android), iOS devices etc. McAfee is highly secured software which protects the system from malware, viruses, Trojan horse, spyware and dangerous websites which can corrupt the file and data of the system.

Some user’s comments about the McAfee total security that “McAfee total Protection corrupts any browser or Browser unable to open”. So, we are providing an efficient method to resolve the problem of McAfee for the persons who are facing this problem. You have to follow all instructions sequentially to remove the problem from your system completely.

How to save Browsers to corrupt by McAfee-

  1. First, log into your system by using <Administrator mode>.
  2. Double click on the McAfee total security icon present in the system tray.
  3. If not available in the system tray, open the <Start> menu by clicking on Window logo available on the bottom-left side of the system screen.
  4. After opening McAfee, click on the <General Settings & Alerts>.
  5. Click on the <Access Protection> tab to show all settings.
  6. Turn OFF the <access protection> and click on the <Apply> (Minimize the McAfee total security).
  7. Now press <Windows + R> key using the keyboard.
  8. Type <service.msc> in the RUN command box.
  9. Hit on the <Enter> button on the keyboard.
  10. Select <ClientAnalyticsService> from the list of services.
  11. Stop it, open the properties and Disable.
  12. Click on the <OK>
  13. Again open the minimize window of McAfee and turn ON <access protection>.
  14. Click on the <apply>
  15. <Restart> your system to reboot.

Need for Help-

In this article, we provided easy steps to resolve the problem of “McAfee total Protection corrupts any browser or Browser unable to open”. We hope, after applying all steps, your problem must be resolved. If it still exists, you should consult with the McAfee Antivirus customer support.

McAfee customer service will help to resolve the problem, you can contact with by using email service or voice call. You can retrieve contact information from the official website of McAfee total security.


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