1-833-410-5666 How to Install Kaspersky Antivirus in Window 10 and Window 7


Kaspersky Antivirus is one of the most popular antiviruses in the world with millions of users using it to protect their computer’s privacy and increase its security additionally. It is one of the most trusted antivirus software programs which are loaded with wonderful security features so that you can sit back and enjoy your work without getting worried about your computer’s safety and its malfunctioning. The antivirus is there to protect your system from all the outside threats floating all over the internet. Not only this, Kaspersky offers its customer, a reliable 24*7 customer service desk dedicated to resolving all the issues corresponding to the Kaspersky antivirus. In this Article, we’ll be guiding you towards the procedure on how to install the Kaspersky Antivirus in Windows 10 and 7 respectively. Let’s begin –

How to Install the Kaspersky Anti-virus in windows 10 & 7

Take a thorough look at the procedure of installation as mentioned below –

  • Download the installer from the Kaspersky website.
  • Double-click the file downloaded and click “continue”.
  • Read the license agreement and click “continue”.
  • Click on the “Install” button to let the installer work its magic.
  • Once the installation is done, click “finish”.
  • Now you can start using the anti-virus to perform routine scans.

Always remember to update the virus definitions as it will make the anti-virus ready to identify new threats easily.

How to Contact the customer support?

If you’re facing any errors or issues with the antivirus, then there are multiple ways in which you can resolve them. The easiest way to fix the problem is by contacting customer support number which is a toll-free number varying from country to country. You can email the customer service executives stating the problem you’re facing or alternatively, you can try the support forums for resolutions. The customer support will surely respond you with the solution in no time. Kaspersky customer service is highly equipped and trained to solve your problems related to the antivirus, so contacting them will not only provide you the sure shot solution but will also save your precious time and hard-earned money.

What information the Customer Support engineer need?

When creating a request to Customer Support, you need to provide the following information to the executive –

  • Provide all the steps needed to reproduce the problem.
  • Provide the exact error message (you can add a snapshot of the error).
  • Describe the steps you have taken to resolve the problem.
  • If a problem occurs while using an application on your mobile, provide the name of the device model and the full version of the firmware.


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