1-833-410-5666 After installing the Trend Micro antivirus PC’s/Laptop’s performance has slowed down


The trend micro has full of antivirus programs which detect the problem of your system and make you trouble free. The trend micro includes anti-phishing and spam technologies which provide you the solution for web threat detection, social networking security, suspect network etc. But in most scenarios, we found that if any user installs the trend micro antivirus their PC’s or laptop performance becomes slow they are not able to work with their system. If this happens to you, then find the complete solution here by following the below post.

  1. If any users feel that their PC’s performance is slow then immediately reboot your system.

2. You can also delete the temporary files which help you to improve the performance of the computer.

3. Make sure if there is any third party software is installed on your computer, can cause the slow performance and start creating issues. To get rid of this problem:

  • You have to press window icon + R key on your keyboard. After that type “appwiz.cpl” and hit the enter button.
  • Once you did it, a new window will appear. Now select the program which you want to remove, and press removes then uninstall.
  • Just wait for uninstalling and restart your computer again.

4. Take another step to resolve your problem i.e. you can check for malware infection. For this:

  • Download the “house call” (online antivirus scanner) on your desktop. After that click on run. Now click on I accept the terms of the license agreement and hit the next button.
  • Then click on setting option & scan type tab. Now choose the type of scan you want and hit OK. Then click on scan now and wait for the scan to be finished.
  • Then click on X button which is located on the top right side of the window.

5. We know that the spyware and malware become the big problem in these days. So you have to choose what type of antivirus which properly scans your all computer and makes you error free. If you didn’t have any kind of antivirus then I suggest you go with house call antivirus to install on your computer which protects against from the viruses and malware issues.

You can also solve your problem by contacting to Trend Micro technical Support experts if you uncomfortable in these steps.


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