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How can you use ESET SysRescue live to clean your computer?


ESET is a cleaning tool which offers antivirus and firewall products such as ESET nod32. This Tool is independently runs on CD, DVD or USB and it is capable to remove your all threats and make your system more secure. If you want real time protection of your computer system then definitely you have to go with ESET system rescue tool. Apart from these tools EET have some other amazing powerful tools. Some of these are:

  • ESET online scanner tool: it easily removes malware from any personal computer
  • ESET AV remover tool: it easily removes all the antivirus software which is previously installed on your computer system.
  • ESET sysinspector: it easily scans all the operating system and captures all details like: running, processes, network connections etc.

Apart from these tools there is one more tool who exactly working in the same manner i.e. ESET SysRescue, but some of the user didn’t know how to clean their PC by using this tool. If this problem is related with you then immediately follow the steps below.

1.First you have to create rescue USB or CD/DVD:

  • For this, you have to download ESET SysRescue Live CD/USB creator on your desktop. Then just double click on ESET Live CD/USB Creator to run the utility.
  • After that you have to select create USB drive or create CD/DVD. Then select USB flash drive or CD/DVD which you want to create your rescue and hit the create USB drive or create CD/DVD
  • Once you click on YES ESET SysRescue will begin. Once it complete click on close option. If any of the user want to create multiples copies then just click on save ISO file and click on close.

2.Now scan and clean your computer:

  • First turn off your computer and insert the USB rescue then power ON the computer. After that choose run ESET SysRescue and hit the enter button
  • Now carefully read all the terms and condition and select I agree. Now click on update option then update virus signature database.
  • After that click on on-demand scan and then custom scan. Now click on in-depth scan and select the check box which is next to computer & click on scan.

3.Finally erase rescue USB:

  • Download ESET SysRescue Live CD/USB creator and save it on desktop. Then double click on EET live CD/USB creator. Now click on erase existing SysRescue USB
  • Now select the USB flash drive which you want to erase and hit the erase USB drive.
  • Then click Yes and click OK when message USB drive is erased successfully.

Why unable to repair and reset the Avast Antivirus Application?


Avast is giant cyber security software which offers antivirus software and internet security services for the users worldwide. This is one of the ultimate software who protects your all system against of various threats and viruses & make you trouble free. The Avast offer its services to approx 400 millions of users and it holds the biggest shares of the world market for antivirus applications.

This antivirus software has been appreciated by all over the world just because of its extreme features and services. Some of its incredible features are:

  • It provides assistance for spyware protection
  • It avoid the irritating and annoying emails
  • It also protects your Wi-Fi system against of malware and spywares
  • It offer the protection for important files and documents
  • It monitor your computer system on regular basis

Apart from these features sometime users have to face the problem regarding Avast antivirus. The most common issue is “repair and reset” issue. This normally faced by lots of users on regular basis and regarding this they didn’t get the reliable solution. But through this post you can solve your problem. Here I share few of the step regarding reset and repair of Avast, which helps you out of this problem.

How can I repair the Avast antivirus application?

  1. The first thing you have to do, press win + X key by the help of keyboard. After that you have to select the option for “select program and features”
  2. Now users have to choose the edition of the Avast and click on uninstall/change through the bar which is located in the program
  3. Now wait until Avast setup wizard appears and go to repair button. Finally users are required to restart the computer to finish this process.

How do I reset the Avast antivirus application?

  1. For reset you have to install the current version of Avast using the uninstall utility.
  2. Now restart the computer system and ensures that there is no any kind of ALWIL or Avast software which is located in C:\program files.
  3. Now install the current edition and restart the system.

Here you complete this process. But for further any kind of issue, you are required to reach technical experts for instant support.

How to improve performance after installing bit defender antivirus?


Is performance slow in BitDefender antivirus after installing it? So what is the exact reason behind this? Actually, some of the users think that the system’s performance depends only on the hardware configuration such as hard disk, memory usage and all. But this is not true because apart from hardware configuration the system’s performance depends on software configuration and your data management too. And if you find that your big defender’s system performance is too slow then try these basics solutions which I mention below so that you know how to improve the performance of bitdefender after installing it.

1) One of the main reasons that make your system too slow is the files which are no longer useful and still stay in your system. These files are temporary internet files, cookies and system file etc. So here you are required to clean your personal computer immediately. For this:

• First, you have to open your big defender window then just click on optimize on the tune up panel and now you have to select PC clean up

• And then you have to follow the wizard’s steps.

2) If you clean your window registry then surely you are able to improve the performance of bitdefender. For this process, you are required to use a registry cleaner. Make sure this registry cleaner tool scans your all window registry and automatically deletes all the invalid registry keys.

3) If you want to access the file faster and want to improve the overall performance of system then here I suggest you defragment your hard disk. Definitely, this defragmentation reduces the file fragmentation and improves the overall performance of your computer system.

4) If you found that your system’s speed is too slow then kindly scan your system at least once in a week. Because might be possible your computer system is affected with any threaten virus or malware so it’s better to scan your whole system which solves your problem regarding bitdefender antivirus.

5) Sometime what happens if your machine is not meet the minimum system requirement then, in this case, your computer system will become too slow and sluggish and especially if there are lots of applications are running at the same time. So here you are required to know the exact system requirement for bitdefender do that it works well.

If these above steps will solve your all problem then it’s ok, otherwise, I have one option for you, just contact to technical experts for the instant solution regarding bitdefender antivirus.

Web pages in the browser are loading slowly after Bit defender has been installed


Web pages are loading very slowly in your web browser? Then surely the problem in related with firewall issue. Then try these troubleshoot steps to solve your problem regarding bit defender.

  1. First you have to open the bit defender window then open the firewall panel and turn off the firewall.
  2. Now just click on setting button which is located at top upper toolbar. After that under the setting overview window choose firewall. Then in firewall setting window choose advanced tab.
  3. Then move to internet connection sharing and switch it to turn ON. Then move to block port scan and turn it off. After that you have to return main window.
  4. In the firewall panel hit the manager adaptor window and move to network type option and choose home/office.
  5. Now immediately move to stealth mode and set it to remote set. And select generic to yes. Then close the bit defender and reboot your computer system and check your internet speed.

Hope it works. But again if you experience this kind of issue then again try these steps to solve your problem regarding bit defender. Make sure this problem is also happen due to internet explorer cache. If the browser’s cache is out of date then might be possible this type of error has fluctuates. In this case you have to delete your browser’s cache. For this:

  • First of all you have to open your internet explorer but ensure that the Isabel website is not opened.
  • After that you have to open delete browser history by using CTRl+SHIFT+DEL key. Now here you have to choose what you want to delete. For your knowledge you have to go with temporary internet files and cookies & website data.
  • Then finally click on delete button & hope your browsers problem will solve this time.

In some of the cases it happens due to Isabel, so remove the Isabel security components and install the latest version of components.

If you are not satisfied with these above steps and still face the problem so immediately contact to technical experts.

How to renew Kaspersky antivirus License?


When you are using your kaspersky antivirus then might be possible after the couple of days your key had expired. So what will you do in that case? Obviously, you have to renew your license and activate the product by the help of renewal activation code. First, you have to activate the new activation code which you got from the renewal notice then a new code will be activated automatically after your current license expires.

1) First, you have to open your Kaspersky antivirus 2017, and then look lower right of the corner where you find the license link, just click on that link.

2) Now you have to click on enter activation code button under the new activation code. Make sure if your license has expired then you will be known with one message called licensed has expired.

3) After that you will see two option called “enter activation code and purchase activation code” but you have to go with entering the activation code and here you can paste and type activation code. Kindly note one thing- this activation code will enter from the keyboard in Latin letters only. After that save the activation code

4) Now you have to wait until the wizard completes its task then click on finish button.

5) After that in the licensing window, the information about new license will appear.

But sometime during activation, you have to face some kind of technical issues which are not usually solved by the users. Here I share some of the common issues which occur during the activation process and also I mention the solution regarding this problem.

1) If you are going to activate the kaspersky then might be possible you encountered one problem “activation code is no longer supported” in this case the only solution is to buy a valid activation code from the store or from retailer partner.

2) Sometime you find the error of incorrect activation code. To solve this problem:

• Always check that the code you type is correct or not.

• Always entered all the 20 characters of the activation code.

• When you enter the code, kindly disable the automatic keyboard layout switcher for a while.

3) During activation code might be possible your licensed will expired. So, in this case, :

• First, check the system’s date is correct or not.

• Try again to activate the application

• If these above two things are correct then another option is to renew your license which I mentioned as above.

How do I delete personal antivirus using Malware bytes?


The Malware bytes antivirus is gives you full protection against threats, virus, worms etc and secure your computer. The malware antivirus fixes all the issues which are related to updating databases in a limited user account. The latest version of popular malware bytes antivirus is 3.0.6 which is very well useful for security purpose and it is also available for free and premium version for users. It provides full support for window 10 operating system. The Malware bytes antivirus is enhanced with some safeguard which protects your system from all types of threats and you can easily work with your system without facing any kind of technical glitches.

Incase if you finds that your PC is running slow or getting lots of pop ups or any other issues then surely your personal computer is affected with some kind of virus, spyware, malware etc so that you have to suffer that kind of problem. In this case you can try these steps to solve your problem:

  1. First immediate disconnect your personal computer from internet and don’t try to use until you are ready to clean your PC.
  2. If you want your computer should be run in safe mode so delete all the temporary files from your personal computer.
  3. For proper work, I suggest you to download the malware scanner which automatically scans your all virus from your computer and protects your PC.

Sometime your personal antivirus act as a scoundrel type of antivirus because it display some false threats by saying that your personal computer has virus or threats & you are required to buy their products to get rid of this problem. Make sure this is fake and they will try to steal and theft your credit card info or some kind of personal and professional information. But here you can delete your personal antivirus through malware bytes antivirus by following the below post.

  1. First you have to visit the malwarebytes .org and download the malware bytes antivirus.
  2. You can download this software in your desktop and just double click to install the file.
  3. After that you have to run the malware bytes antivirus and here you will see a pop up by saying a message it found an update.
  4. Then a new window will appear where you have to click “perform quick scan” and let it be run
  5. After that click on remove and finally restart your computer.

If successfully your problem will solve then it’s Ok otherwise you can contact to technical experts for better support.

How to set up McAfee antivirus with Windows 10?


The McAfee antivirus automatically scans your all system against all types of viruses and malicious code including threats and worms. This McAfee antivirus is easy to use but if you find some problem how to setup the McAfee antivirus with the window then quickly find the best solution. Before setting up the McAfee antivirus you have to download first McAfee antivirus. And once it downloads the installing process will start.

1) First, you can download the virus scan enterprise for windows

2) Now you have to open the folder where your file is downloaded. After that select extract command.

3) Now enter the newly extracted folder. Here you will found two folders such as: Run FramePkg.exe & Run SetupVSE.exe

4) Now you have to run these two folders Run FramePkg.exe & Run SetupVSE.exe

5) Once it completes a new message will appear which intimates that “McAfee agent setup completed successfully” and after that just click on OK button.

6) Now restart your computer and run the second folder i.e. Run SetupVSE.exe and run setup VSE

7) Then a window will appear which ask one question to you, like: disable any other virus protection program? Here you have to click on yes option.

8) Again a next window will appear which intimates about the installation process and by clicking next you can proceed it.

9) Then licenses and agreement window will appear, here you have to change license expires type to perpetual. And you have to click on “I accept the term in the license agreement and hit the Ok button.

10) After that, you have to select the setup type which is always “typical” after selecting it to click on next button. After that, you have to choose the access protection level which is “standard protection”

11) And once you are ready to install then immediately click on install button. And once it installs just leave the update now box but you have to uncheck the run on demand scan box and now click on finish button.

12) And if all updates are complete you will be asked to restart your computer, so click on OK button and restart your computer to activate the full service or products.

It’s done! But if found any of the problems regarding McAfee antivirus, please don’t hesitate to communicate with the technical experts for the immediate and quick response.

How to fix most Common Issues of Norton Antivirus Application?


The Norton antivirus works in the background of system and protects our whole system from several of threats and viruses. In this post you will clearly find the most common issues of Norton antivirus & what are their possible solutions to overcome of those issues in Norton antivirus.

1) What will you do if Norton antivirus is not opening or crashing? Try these possible steps to solve this:

• The very first activity you have to do, just restart your computer in safe mode with networking. After that try to open Norton antivirus program and also you have to update the latest version of antivirus in your system.

• Now immediately run the full scan of Norton antivirus and on your computer in normal mode. Hope this step will work. But if again you will find any difficulty then try another step to solve this.

2) Sometime user face the uninstall and install related issue in Norton antivirus. If you have this kind of problem then try these below steps:

• First if you found that it is not working then simple just remove the Norton antivirus in your computer and try to again install it.

• You can also try one perfect tool to uninstall the Norton antivirus i.e. Norton removal tool. You can download it and uninstall it then again install the Norton antivirus in your system.

3) The internet issues are very common problem which is mostly faced by the users. We have seen that many of the user install the Norton antivirus, but after that they found their internet is nor perfectly working. In some of the cases the problem is related with internet service provider or might be there is another antivirus which blocks your internet connectivity. Surely the problem is related with your firewall, if is it so then try to fix this problem here:

• Simply just close the entire program and restart your computer. Here you have to disable temporarily your firewall.

• The start your system & open the Norton product. After that go to setting option and click on firewall under the under the section of details setting.

• After that, in general tab section click on turn off which is next to smart firewall. Then in protection alert box you have to click on apply and choose the permanently.

• Now click on apply and ok to confirm that firewall is turned off.

• Then restart your computer again and move to Norton. Please ensure about your latest version of Norton antivirus and turn on your Norton firewall.

After installing the Trend Micro antivirus PC’s/Laptop’s performance has slowed down


The trend micro has full of antivirus programs which detects the problem of your system and make you trouble free. The trend micro includes anti phishing and spam technologies which provides you solution against web threat detection, social networking security, suspect network etc. But in most scenarios we found that if any user install the trend micro antivirus their PC’s or laptop performance becomes slow they are not able to work with their system. If this happens with you, then find complete solution here by following the below post.

  1. If any users feel that their PC’s performance is slow then immediately reboot your system.

2. You can also delete the temporary files which helps you to improve the computers performance.

3. Make sure if there is any third party software is installed in your computer, can cause the slow performance and start creating issues. To get rid of this problem:

  • You have to press window icon + R key on your keyboard. After that type “appwiz.cpl” and hit the enter button.
  • Once you did it, a new window will appear. Now select the program which you want to remove, and press remove then uninstall.
  • Just wait for uninstall and restart your computer again.

4. Take another step to resolve your problem i.e. you can check for malware infection. For this:

  • Download the “house call” (online antivirus scanner) in your desktop. After that click on run. Now click on I accept the terms of the license agreement and hit the next button.
  • Then click on setting option & scan type tab. Now choose the type of scan you want and hit OK. Then click on scan now and wait for the scan to be finished.
  • Then click on X button which is located at top right side of the window.

5. We know that the spyware and malware become big problem in these days. So you have to choose that type of antivirus which properly scans your all computer and makes you error free. If you didn’t have any kind of antivirus then I suggest you to go with house call antivirus to install in your computer which protect against from the viruses and malware issues.

You can also solve your problem by contacting to technical experts if you uncomfortable in these steps.

Installation of the AVG Antivirus Software has stopped? Get quick tips to solve


The antivirus software is main possible reasons that are why you are not able to install your AVG. This type of problem will prevents you to download, install and operation of programs. If you want to get rid of this particular problem then find out the solution here which I mention below.

  1. You can simply use the AVG reset access tool to repair the corrupted things. For this:
  • First save your all work, then close the documents and run the program. Now download the AVG reset access tool. Immediately close all running program then run the download file and hit the accept button to confirm the agreement.
  • Then you have to click on continue button and restart the computer

2. If you have any previous version of AVG then you can remove it by download the AVG remover tool. For this:

  • First you have to download the AVG remover tool. Then run downloaded file and hit the continue button to accept the term and condition. Once you did it, the AVG remover scans your all computer.
  • After you have to select that product which you want to uninstall and click on remove button. Now click on restart. If you found security warning like message then click on run to complete the un installation process. And after that restart your computer again.

3. Another way to get rid of this issue is, to reboot your computer immediately then you can try to install, updating your software.

4. Sometime due to internet issue you are not able to install and update the software. So double check your internet connectivity when you are going to install or update the software. And if you found any kind of issue regarding internet connectivity then immediately contact to internet service provider for appropriate solution.

5. Sometime firewall is blocking access to articulate 3360. In this case contact to your network administrator so that they can allow communication over port 80 and 443 and also white list these domains.

6. Sometime due to user account control issue this type of problem has occurred. To solve this:

  • You have to open your window sound manager and right click on speaker icon & choose the sound. Then click on window user account control.
  • Then use sound in drop down list to select the none, now click on OK to close it.
  • And finally reboot your computer and try to install. Now hope it works fine.